Change "featured image"?

Wendy created the topic: Change "featured image"?

Hi I was wondering if you could help me change the featured image. My posts have two featured images, and the one that I want to be is featured image 2. Is there a way to replace the featured image of the slider? Thanks!

<?php if( class_exists( 'kdMultipleFeaturedImages' ) ) { kd_mfi_the_featured_image( 'featured-image-2', 'post' ); } ?>


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Agapi G. replied the topic: Change "featured image"?

Hello Wendy!

Thank you for posting your request!

Please note, that unfortunately we cannot definitively tell you where to change this, since the second featured image is a specific case. Our developers need to check how it is called, so they can suggest additional code.

Could you please submit a support ticket and send temporary WordPress admin access, so they can take a look? You can forward this information using the contact form on this page .

Also please make sure to indicate the link to this forum thread in your message.
Thanks! Happy holidays!

Kind regards,
Agapi G.
Web-Dorado team

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