Delete images PERMANENTLY from uploads folder

Fiorenzo created the topic: Delete images PERMANENTLY from uploads folder

Hi. I use photo-gallery as a wordpress plugin. I have some questions:

1) any time I upload/import an Image with photo-gallery, the plugin creates three versions of the item in wp/uploads/photo-gallery: the original one in .original folder, the thumbnail,and the re-sized image which will actually be desplayed on the frontend. Right?

2) I deleted some images from a gallery, but I still find them in each of the three sub-foders (see previous question). Do I have to delete manually via ftp the three version of each image I want to delete permanently?

3) Once I uploaded/imported an image, one that I use and stil keep on using, can I delete via ftp its original version in the .original folder, so that I havve only the resized and thumbnail version of it? Would it work as a sistem in order to save spaze in my hosting? Or the plugin do need necessarily all the three version of the image to use and display it in a gallery?



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Agapi G. replied the topic: Delete images PERMANENTLY from uploads folder

Hello Fiorenzo!

Thank you for posting your questions.

Your first and second statements are perfectly correct! Regarding the third one, you can, of course, delete the images from .original directory, but this will prevent you from being able to Reset the images.

For example, when you set watermark, but then need to remove it from photos, you will need to reset them. If original images will be missing, Photo Gallery plugin won't be able to complete the reset.

Thanks! Have a wonderful weekend!

Kind regards,
Agapi G.
Web-Dorado team

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