Wordpress Photo Gallery: Download Option is Global?

Tom Bradley created the topic: Wordpress Photo Gallery: Download Option is Global?

I'm a photographer in the process of transitioning my photo galleries to WordPress. I plan on using your Photo Gallery + eCommerce solution for the galleries I need to sell (weddings, family portraits, etc). I also, however, have some galleries that I allow users to download images at no-charge (church events, free services, etc), and others may be view only (no download and not for sale).

I found that your "Enable download button" option is a GLOBAL setting but I need to be able to control which galleries are for sale and which will allow individual/bulk download. Have I missed something? Is there a way to turn ON/OFF the download option for individual photo galleries?

I know I could probably set up a no cost download option within eCommerce but that's a fairly dirty solution that would frustrate users. I like the little download icons but of course I can't have that on every gallery if some are for sale.

Thanks for your help.



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