Unable to Upload Images

Mike created the topic: Unable to Upload Images

I am unable to upload large size images to one gallery but find I can upload successfully to another test gallery.

I have been into Gallery Options and tried setting maximum image size to "0 x 0" for "original size", then to "6000 x 6000" (which is larger than my largest image) but the large images which are 4896 x 3264 show initially but then disappear when I "Save" and do not appear when I publish the gallery.

As said, they load and display fine in another gallery I created. This one only has a few images, the main one causing the problem has 455 or so images (but all are very small at just 500 pixels). I cannot find any reference to a maximum image numbers or sizes in any gallery.

I can find no parameters in the individual galleries which would limit maximum image size.

Any ideas please?


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Anoush replied the topic: Unable to Upload Images

Hello Mike,

Thanks for your inquiry! We will be happy to help you out!

We need to take a look the issue of the admin area of your website. So could you please send the login information using the contact form on this page.

Also make sure to indicate the link to this forum thread in your message.

Thanks and have a great day!


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