Galeries in album order error - Unknown column 'date' in 'order clause'

Krzysztof created the topic: Galeries in album order error - Unknown column 'date' in 'order clause'


I try to generate code for album who have galeries but to setup/order those galeries by newest on 1st and the oldest on the end.
Have something like this:

{Loadgallery_wd gallery_type=album_compact_preview theme_id=2 album_id=2 sort_by=date order_by=desc show_search_box=1 show_sort_images=1 search_box_width=180 compuct_album_column_number=5 compuct_albums_per_page=30 compuct_album_title=show compuct_album_view_type=thumbnail compuct_album_mosaic_hor_ver=vertical compuct_album_resizable_mosaic=0 compuct_album_mosaic_total_width=100 compuct_album_thumb_width=120 compuct_album_thumb_height=90 compuct_album_image_column_number=5 compuct_album_images_per_page=30 compuct_album_image_title=none compuct_album_image_thumb_width=180 compuct_album_image_thumb_height=90 compuct_album_enable_page=1 thumb_click_action=undefined thumb_link_target=undefined popup_fullscreen=1 popup_autoplay=0 popup_width=800 popup_height=500 popup_effect=fade popup_interval=5 popup_enable_filmstrip=1 popup_filmstrip_height=70 popup_enable_ctrl_btn=1 popup_enable_fullscreen=1 popup_enable_info=1 popup_info_always_show=0 popup_info_full_width=0 popup_enable_rate=0 popup_enable_comment=0 popup_hit_counter=0 popup_enable_facebook=0 popup_enable_twitter=0 popup_enable_google=0 popup_enable_pinterest=0 popup_enable_tumblr=0 watermark_type=none watermark_link=http%3A%2F%2Fsome.adress.web}

and get error:
1054 - Unknown column 'date' in 'order clause'

Why is this?
Is there any possibility to achieve this by generate code?
Would be good if in future improvements there was also a possibility to sort by galleries date or setup somehow order in Album by some options instead default cros-arrow buttons and moving all around.
I have a lot of galleries in album (album is named as a current year) and this is almost impossible to mess with galeries around by using those cros-arrow handle.
Also I just discover that if I try to add again galleries one by one to album
there is a problem with display view of all galleries - there is only visible 20 or 30 of them but not all and the page button is missing (at 2nd page could be rest of galeries or something).

Please help.


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Anoush replied the topic: Galeries in album order error - Unknown column 'date' in 'order clause'

Dear Krzysztof,

Thanks for letting us know about this issue as well. We will take a look also this.

Have a great day!


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