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Mark created the topic: Changing Question Font


Can you provide some guidance on how to change the font type of the questions and categories in FAQ WP Pro. I'm using Arial as the site font family but cannot see how to change these fonts.

The site is currently hosted locally so am unable at this time to give temporary access.



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Support replied the topic: Changing Question Font

Dear Mark,

We don't have an option to change the font family but you can change it from the code.

So please follow the below steps

1. In the fonts folder, please add your desired font's files (.ttf)
2. In the bottom part of this file front_end_style.css, please add the below script:

@font-face {
font-family: font-name;
src: url(fonts/file.ttf);

3. Then you can give this styles to your desired element (div,span,..)

Best regards,
Web-Dorado team

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Wordpress plugins ,
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