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Maxi Collins created the topic: Email not working

Good Job!

I love this e-commerce plugin so much because of it's flexibility. But then the Email options are not working. I have done all the necessary settings, and tested to purchase an item yet I wont receive any notification as admin.

Pls what can I do to make that work? That is the only problem am having with the plugin presently.



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Zhanna Khachatryan replied the topic: Email not working

Hi Maxi,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Maxi, in our email options, you'll see Mailer setting.

For Mailer, by default is chosen PHP mail(), please change to wp_mail().

This may solve your issue, because in different websites different Mailer works.

If this won't solve your issue, please let me know.

Kind regards,
Zhanna K.
Web-Dorado team

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Maxi Collins replied the topic: Email not working

You're very right friend. Different mailer works. What happened was I received a return back to user mail on my yahoo mail indicating my web host don't support the mail format or something else, then I went back to create: [email protected] and used it instead of yahoo mail and the thing just rang on my phone.

Then one last problem which I pray you help me solve. The I set the mail option to when to send mail to: send when order submitted, but then the mail to the admin don't contain the product's parameters like COLOR, SIZE e.t.c. So I wonder how the admim will know the exact choice in parameter of a particular item. Like if the customer chose, Black - XL - DELEIVERY OPTION in his parameter options, the mail dont indicate that when send to the admin. Pls what is the problem and what is the solution out?

Below is the screenshot of the mail send to the admin when the user submit an order.



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Agapi G. replied the topic: Email not working

Hey Maxi!

It's fantastic, that the problem regarding the mail notifications has been resolved on your website!

As for your second request, please note, that unfortunately the order e-mails don't include the parameters of the purchased item yet.

However this would be a good addition to the product, so I have added a task for our development team to create this feature on further updates of Ecommerce WD.

Meanwhile, you can check the full information of orders on your website backend.
Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

Kind regards,
Agapi G.
Web-Dorado team

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