Problems After Purchase

Cynthia created the topic: Problems After Purchase


I'm using the Contact Form Builder plugin. Worked perfectly as the free version. Purchased to change the color on text and button. After purchase, checked boxed of the same theme I was using before and edited the styles didn't appear and unchecked boxes appeared on the site. Ex. I had disabled recaptcha in the free version and now it is appearing on the site while being unchecked in the editing screen. I had phone number checked off in the free version and now it is not appearing. I have also changed the Submit button to send but the change isn't taking effect. I had applied, saved, refreshed, but it's not working. I am using theme number 8.


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Zhanna Khachatryan replied the topic: Problems After Purchase

Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for reporting the issue.

Cynthia that problem can occur in the following situations:

If you have caching plugin, which doesn't show the changes in the front end. Please clear your cache before checking results in the front end

If there is any JS or other error in your website, you can give us form page URL for checking the errors.

If you have made any "bad" changes in form layout section.

Please check all the above mentioned scenarios and write me back.

Kind regards,
Zhanna K.
Web-Dorado team

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