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Graham Segal created the topic: Transfer to new page on form SEND button click

This is the next step from your very helpful solution to my font & background colour difficulty. I am so grateful for your assistance in sorting that out.

This my next challenge. It has a legal implication, so it's quite important to keeping me out of trouble. When a site visitor fills in the form acknowledging the investment warnings, the visitor needs to be automatically transferred to another page where there is a link to the actual investment offers. So, is it possible for you to add a click event so that when the site visitor clicks SEND on the form, the visitor is automatically transferred to this page: ‎

This page is hidden from the main menu.

Just for your information, this procedure is required by Australian law. Under the law, I am not allowed to let anyone look at investment offers unless they identify themselves and acknowledge the investment warnings. These requirements are enforced by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), the Australian Government's securities industry regulator. ASIC is the Australian equivalent of the US SEC and has similar regulatory, supervisory and prosecutorial powers. They are not people you want to mess with.

The regulations have been brought in for two reasons. One is to give small investors the warnings to be careful. The other is because there are a lot of scammers and swindlers who exist on the fringes of the venture capital industry. These crooks are quick to try and take down both investors and companies trying to raise capital. The sad part is that many of these crooks are successful. They take advantage of trusting small business persons and, after doing their damage, leave these small business persons with shattered dreams and often, no money left to get on with their business venture.

it's up to consultants like me to try and educate people to be careful.

Guys, you have been very good to me in fixing these problems. Shortly, I will be putting a widget on my Home page headed 'Please Support these Fine Online Businesses'. I will be listing a couple of companies that have helped me. With your permission, could I also include a link to your website?




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