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Johannes M created the topic: Logical expressions with calculator

I am desperately trying to create a form that displays the shipping cost for an order, in function of "no. of items" and "country of destination".
In order to do that, the calculation needs to link to the entered "shipping country". I try to create a logical expression that (in its simplest form) will return one number if the country is "France", and another number if the country is not "France".
Somehow, I get the impression that Logical expressions will only work when a field contains a number, and simply stop functioning when the field contains characters.
So the expression (%59% == "France"?1:0), or (%59% == France?1:0), or any other variation, will return an empty field, whatever the content of field59 is. On the other hand, (%59% == 5?1:0) works just fine, as long as field59 contains a number. As soon as it contains a character, the result is an empty field...
I cannot find anywhere in the manuals that expressions can only be made with numbers.
Strangely enough, I can make conditional fields with exactly the expressions I want, even with multiple "AND" or "OR". Problem is: the only option I have with conditional fields is "show" or "hide" the field... If only I had the additional option to allocate the value "1" to a field under "Conditional Fields", I could already create many work-arounds....


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Zhanna Khachatryan replied the topic: Logical expressions with calculator

Hi Johannes,

Thanks for your inquiry.

The logical calculations also require numbers instead of text.

Can you please write what type of filed is that France, etc?

If that is a select field, then the option name can be a text but for option value please write a number. In that case it'll work correctly.

Kind regards,
Zhanna K.
Web-Dorado team

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