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Artur created the topic: Only user submission

How to make filter active before submission page is loaded.
After loaded submission page user may filter the submission using filter and define reuired content in inputbox.
I would like to achive that on submission page but with data which meet requirement defined before submission page is loaded and user has no rights to redefined filter.
User fulfills a form and gives e-mail and his order number. The form has hidden field call e.g. STATUS, PARCEL

After submission user can go to submission page, before page is loaded he gives e.g. e-mail and order number. So user can see submission page but ONLY with his own submission data (meets specified e-mail and order number) to check the STATUS e.g. fullfilled meanwhile by shoper as pending or accepted.
What is more he can't see other submissions (no filter) because there is no need to show submissions of others.

The filter and coding is done (part of plugin) but how to take advantage of it before submission page is loaded - any JS script or ?

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Agapi G. replied the topic: Only user submission

Hello Artur!

Regarding the filter you need to have, please note, that you can select what to display in submissions using the options in shortcode toolbox. I am posting a screenshot below. However, they cannot be activated by the user from frontend afterwards.

But unfortunately frontend submissions don't have the functionality to only allow particular users to see their own submissions. All other submits are available also.

Thanks! Have a wonderful day!

Kind regards,
Agapi G.
Web-Dorado team

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