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Mieke Haveman created the topic: upgrading formmaker

Good morning,

I have a question about updating the free version of formmaker. When I do it on my websites it happens automatically. I have the free version But a client of mine [with the pro version] got the following message and is afraid that her forms will dissapear if she downloads a new version. Can you advise me what she should do? Message below.


Mieke Haveman

I have a message in my WordPress Dashboard from Form Maker that there is an upgrade available.
I have version 2.10.5 installed, activated, and with several forms on my soon-to-be-launched website pages. So there is data in the plug-in.

The instructions in my Updates area of the Dashboard say:

You can download the latest version of your plugins from your Web-Dorado.com account. After deactivate and delete the current version. Install the downloaded latest version of the plugin.

I started to go through with the process but choked after deactivating 2.10.5 because I am concerned that if I delete the current version, I will delete the data for the forms I have built.

I tried to just deactivate 2.10.5 and install the latest version in its zip file format (presumably it is 2.10.6, although I can’t be sure since there was nowhere on the Form Maker area of the Web Dorado site that explained what the current version number is - only the message in my Updates area of my Dashboard, which says

There is a new 2.10.6 version available.

And indeed when I clicked “delete” I was asked, are you sure you want to delete the current version of Form Maker and all its data?

And of course I do not want to delete all its data.


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Agapi G. replied the topic: upgrading formmaker

Hello Meike!

Thank you for posting your question!

Please go ahead and delete the plugin after deactivating it. This will only delete Form Maker plugin, but after you install new version of Form Maker Pro, you will see that all the forms, submissions and themes are up and running properly.

Make sure to download the newest Pro version from your account of Web-Dorado.com.
Thanks! Have a great day!

Kind regards,
Agapi G.
Web-Dorado team

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