Does not send the submission email?

Nicole Flores created the topic: Does not send the submission email?

Wordpress 3.5 with Form Maker Pro installed today.

Love everything about it so far. I have the after-submission action set to a confirmation page and that works great. The submission logs immediately into the database on the site, but the submission email is not sent (I double checked spam, too). I double checked that I had my email in correctly .. any suggestions?


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Support replied the topic: Re: Does not send the submission email?

Dear Nicole,

Try using another email address
- Wordpress uses PHP mail. Possibly your hosting does not have sendmail enabled. Please contact your hosting provider.
- Alternatively, you can use SMTP, which should always work.

For example this plugin. .
Your only problem is that you have to know your SMTP parameters.
Setting an external SMTP server, such as GMail should work. But GMail requires authentication.

Mailer: smtp
SMTP Authentication: yes
SMTP Security: SSL
SMTP Port: 465
SMTP Username: your gmail full address
SMTP Password: your gmail password
SMTP Host:

You can modify the style of the button and add the background image using CSS class button_submit. You can add your own CSS to the theme CSS in the Themes section of Form Maker admin.

Best regards
Web-Dorado team

Best regards,
Web-Dorado team

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