Contact Form Editing Woes

Travis Grieshiemer created the topic: Contact Form Editing Woes

I tried to make some changes to one of my forms, long story short, two fields are broken and I am able to create new fields, but the won't show up on my page.

I've been reading the forum it seems there has been a lot of issues due to recent Wordpress updates. How do I properly update this plugin? My site is worthless without a working form.

I snipped an image of my somewhat broken form in the attachment. Please help I need to fix this quick!

P.S. I emptied my cache, and I have the latest version - Version 2.7.37


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Support replied the topic: Contact Form Editing Woes

Dear Travis,

Thanks for reporting the issue. I will gladly help you out with this!
Please note, that 2.7.37 is not the latest version. It is a couple of months older, in fact. So try to update it first.

You can find the newest version, 2.7.82 on My Products page of your account. Please deactivate and delete current version you have and install 2.7.82.

Make sure not to uninstall Form Maker, since this action will remove all your forms, themes and submissions.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Web-Dorado team

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Wordpress plugins ,
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