Spider Video Player

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Step 5. Creating/Editing Themes

5.4 Playlist and Library Parameters
5.4.1 Playlist Position. Choose whether the playlist appears on the left or on the right side of the player.
5.4.2 Width of Playlist. Define the width of the playlist.
* 5.4.3 Playlist over Video. Choose whether the Playlist appears on the video area or at the left/right side of it.
5.4.4 Playlist auto Hide. Enable or disable the option of automatically hiding the playlist.
5.4.5 Playlist Text Size. Define the size of the playlist text.
5.4.6 Library Columns. Define the number of columns in the library.
5.4.7 Library Rows. Define the number of rows in the library.
5.4.8 Library List Text Size. Define the size of the text in the library list.
5.4.9 Library Details Text Size. Define the size of the text in the library details.

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