Spider Video Player

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Step 3. Adding Videos

3.1 Select Spider Video Player from the top navigation bar and select the Videos tab.
3.2 Click on New.
3.3 Title. Add a title for the video.
3.4 Type.
  • http – Select the video (URL) and its HD version (UrlHD). You can provide the URL of the video or select it from the uploaded videos.It is also possible to add HTML5 videos (supports only MP4, WebM, and Ogg formats) using the Url(HTML5) and UrlHD(HTML5) options.
  • youtube – Provide the youtube link to the video in the URL field.
  •   rtmp – Fill in the Flash Media Server (FMS) URL of the video along with the regular URL and UrlHD (HD version).
3.5 Thumb. Select an image for the video thumbnail out of the uploaded images. Use the “Remove Image” option to remove the selected image.
3.6 Tags. Fill in the available tags for your video (see Step 2 for adding tags).
3.7 Published. Choose whether to publish the video or not.
3.8 Click on the Save button to save the added video.

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