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Step 3: Creating Contacts for Drupal Contacts.

3.1 From the navigation bar on the top select “Spider Contacts”.
3.2 Navigate to “Contacts” tab.
3.3 Click on “New” button on the right-hand of the menu.
3.4 First Name. Add the first name of the contact.
3.5 Last Name. Add the last name of the contact.
3.6 Email. Add email of the contact.
3.7 Send Email when Message Sent. Choose the option whether to Sendemail when the contact is messaged or no.
3.8 Category. Choose category for the contact from the list of provided categories.
3.9 Add image. You can add image either providing URL of the image or uploading image from the computer using “Add image” button.
3.10 Short description. Provide short description of the contact, which will be visible in the contact list.
3.11 Parameters. Fill out all the category-specific parameters.
3.16 Published. Choose whether to publish the contact or not.
3.17 Save. To save the new contact you need to press the “Save” button.
3.18 Publish/Unpublish. You can publish/unpublish created contacts pressing corresponding “Publish/Unpublish” buttons located at the top of the contacts list.
3.19 Delete. You can delete unnecessary contacts, pressing the “Delete” button.
3.20 Ordering. You can order contacts using navigational cursor in the contact list, which is left-hand to category names. You need to drag and move the contacts up or down. When done, press “Save order”.

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