Spider Catalog

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Step 3: Creating/Editing Catalog Items (Products)

3.1 Select Spider Catalog from the top navigation bar.
3.2 Select the Products tab and click on New.
3.3 Name. Specify a name for the product that will appear in the catalog.
3.4 Category. Choose the product’s category.
3.5 Price. Define the actual price of the product.
3.6 Market Price. Indicate the price of the product on the market. It will appear as crossed out. This parameter can also serve to show the initial price of the product or its price before the discount, etc.
3.7 Images.You can add any number of images to the category. You can enter the image URL or upload it by clicking on the Add Image button.
3.8 Short Description. Add a short description for the product which will appear next to the product in the product list.
3.9 Fill in all the category-specific parameters.
3.10 Published. Choose whether the product appears in the catalog or not.
3.11 Using the Edit Reviews and Edit Ratings buttons on the upper right hand of the page you can edit or remove product reviews and ratings.
3.12 Click on the Save button to save the created product.

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