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Step 4: Creating/Editing Calendar Themes

  • From the Navigation menu on the top click on Spider Calendar and select the Calendar Themes tab. You can fill all the parameters or inherit the parameters of the theme from default themes. There are 11 default themes. You can use one of the default themes or create a new one. If you change the parameters of the default theme there is a big “Reset Theme” button for resetting default theme’s parameters to original.
  • Click on the Newlink on the upper left hand of the window.
  • Inherit from theme. You can choose to inherit the parameters from one of the default themes.

4.1 General Parameters
4.1.1 Title. Choose a title for the theme.
4.1.2 Width. Define the Width.
4.1.3 The First day of the Week. Choose whether to start the week from Monday or from Sunday.
4.1.4 Main Border Color. Choose the color of the main border.
4.1.5 Main Border Radius. This option is for making the corners of the calendar border round. Its value signifies the radius of the circle that fits in the corner of the border box. If you do not want to round the corners at all, you need to type in ‘0’ or leave the field blank.
4.1.6 Main Border Width. Specify the width of the main border.

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