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Step 4: Managing submissions of the Drupal Form.

4.1 Select a form and choose the last tab named Submissions to access the form submissions database.
4.2 It is possible to Edit or Delete the submissions.
4.3 It is also possible to export the submissions database to CSV or XML formats.
4.4 The Add/Remove Columns button allows adding or removing columns from the submissions list (All, ID, Submit date, Submitter’s IP address).

4.5 For each form certain types of statistical data are available:
- Entries:The number of submitted forms.
- Views: The number of times the form has been viewed.
- Conversion Rate: The percentage of submitted forms to the overall number of views.
4.6 For the forms that contain checkboxes or radio buttons a separate statistics is available. It shows how many times a particular checkbox/radio button has been checked, and what is the ratio of that number to the overall number of checks.
4.7 There is a possibility to search the submissions database by all the relevant fields of the given form.

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