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Step 2: Creating a new Drupal Form.

2.1 From the Navigation section on the left hand of the screen click on the Add content link.
2.2 Click on Form to create a new form using Form Maker.
2.3 Fill out the Title field. The Body field is optional. Click Save to save the created form and proceed to the Form Maker. Now you can add fields to your form. Pay attention to the buttons on the top of the Form Maker tab:
  • Actions after Submission: Here you can select the action that takes place after form submission. Following options are available:
    - Stay on form: The user stays on the form page.
    - Article:The user is redirected to the selected article.
    - Custom text: Custom text is displayed on the screen.
    - URL: The user is redirected to the provided URL.
  • Edit JavaScript: Here you can define new JavaScript functions, which can be applied to the form. Three empty event functions are included:
    - before_load(): before the form is loaded
    - before_submit(): before the form is submitted
    - before_reset(): before the form is reset
  • Custom text in e-mail for administrator: Here you can add custom texts, images, and custom HTML to the e-mail message that is sent to the administrator.
  • Custom text in e-mail for user: Here you can add custom texts, images, and custom HTML to the e-mail message that is sent to the users.
  • Preview: Using this button, you can preview the form in its current state to see how it will appear on the website.

2.4 Email to send submissions to: Here you provide e-mails to which submitted form information is sent. If you need more than one e-mail address, you must separate them by commas. This field is not required. In any case, the submitted information is stored in“Submissions” part, where it can be easily managed.
2.5 Theme. A distinct theme can be applied to each new form. The themes css can be edited on the Themes tab. Please save the form before leaving the From Maker tab. 41 themes are available for selection. There is an option for creating new themes, which you can access by clicking “New” on the upper right corner of the section.
2.6 Add new fields to your form by clicking on the ADD A NEW FIELDbutton (see the next step).

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