WordPress Form Maker Plugin FAQ


Form Maker is a mobile-friendly, multi-functional form creator plugin which lets you quickly build simple contact forms, as well as multi-part online applications and orders. Each form is fully customizable. The plugin lets you personalize the look of all forms with user-friendly theme settings and drag-and-drop tools.

1. What can I do with Form Maker plugin?


This WordPress form builder is developed for creating various types of forms, including contact, evaluation, application forms, online quizzes or surveys and more. Form Maker plugin features a highly intuitive form editor, which lets you add different types of HTML form fields.

This WordPress plugin is the best choice for both beginners and advanced users. No programming skills are required for creating, customizing and publishing a form.


2. How many forms can I create with Form Maker?


You can build unlimited number of forms for your WordPress website. Furthermore, there are no limitations on the number of submissions per each form.


3. How do I publish the created forms?

You can embed your online forms into WordPress pages or posts. Open the post editor and press Insert Form Maker button from its tools. Select your form from corresponding drop down menu, then click Insert.


4. Where is the submitted information stored?


Form Maker submissions are stored on MySQL database of your website by default. They are fetched to Form Maker > Submissions page, where you can select each form and check the submitted data.

Each submission can also be forwarded to certain recipient email addresses. You can configure this from Form Options > Email Options of your forms.


5. Does Form Maker offer spam protection?

First and foremost, Form Maker provides Simple Captcha, Arithmetic Captcha and Google ReCaptcha, and lets you avoid spam submissions.

Additionally, the plugin lets you Block IP addresses, which have been bothering you with spam entries through Form Maker forms.


6. How can I translate notices, warnings and other text elements of Form Maker plugin?

You can translate default Form Maker front-end text by changing the language of your website from WordPress Settings > General page. The plugin will be translated automatically.

Note, that you can edit existing translations using POEdit software. All translation files of the plugin are available under /wp-content/plugins/form-maker/languages/ directory.


7. How can I analyze the submitted information?

This WordPress form creator plugin provides supplementary Statistics section on Submissions page. It can be used to evaluate submitted values of Select Boxes, Multiple and Single Choice fields. In addition, you can export all submitted data of each form in CSV or XML format.


8. Is it possible to hide or show form fields based on selected values by users?

Form Maker plugin offers its Conditional Fields feature for this purpose. Set up the conditions from Form Options > Conditional Fields tab. Configure to hide or show a field when the condition is true, for instance:

Show [How many guests will you have?] if any of the following match:
[Will you have guests?] is [Yes]


9. Can the submission information be stored on a custom MySQL database table?

Using MySQL Mapping functionality of Form Maker plugin you can save the submitted data on any local or remote database table. You can set up Insert, Update or Delete queries, which will execute upon submitting the form.


10. How can I set up a payment for my form?


Form Maker Pro provides PayPal integration and Payment fields, which you can use to create a quick online payment or donation form. Add Payment fields to your form and configure PayPal settings from Form Options > Payment Options of your form. Make sure Checkout Mode is set to Production, when you are ready to receive payments.


11. Can the users pay with credit cards instead of PayPal?

With Stripe Integration add-on of Form Maker plugin you can let the submitter to process their purchase or donation using a credit card. You will receive the payments on your Stripe account.

Note, that Stripe Integration is only available for Pro version of Form Maker plugin.


12. Can the submissions be published on website front-end?

Form Maker plugin provides Frontend Submissions feature, which allows you to showcase submitted data on a WordPress page or post. Click on Insert Form Maker button of the post editor and navigate to Submissions tab. Use this toolbox to choose which field entries to publish.

Additionally, you can set the role of users who can view your form submissions. These settings can be found on Form Options > General tab.


13. Can I enhance the functionality of Form Maker with additional features?

The plugin offers 12 powerful add-ons which can be used for expanding default features of Form Maker Pro. Check out the list of these add-ons within this link.

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