Which Website Themes Could be Chosen by Martin Scorsese?


Martin Scorsese is one of the most famous directors of all times. Do you think it’s just luck? No, it’s definitely not. Just take a look at the list of movies he directed and you’ll see how much work he put into his career and how many top-notch movies he created. This is an example of the person who created himself as a person and as a director, this is a totally unique and talented filmmaker with his very own perspective and understanding of movies. His movies are often lengthy and slow but when you finish it and leave the cinema or turn off your TV you are amazed by the greatness you’ve witnessed! Let’s see what kind of templates Martin Scorsese would select out of our premium themes in case he would need those for his movie websites.



Martin Scorsese is a pretty religious person and all his feelings towards this topic were put into his latest movie called the ‘Silence’. It’s lengthy and slow, like I said, so it’s no different to his previous works. Some people would even say that you have to fight through the wall of hard feelings and thoughts while watching this one, but it’s definitely worth it. The website of this movie would look like this and I don’t think he would accept some other theme, this one is perfect and fits the movie so well, just take a look at it!

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This movie is pretty dark due to its criminal nature, but it has enough jokes and unexpected turns of events. The templates for this movie should have a dark top and simple header without any background, like this one. The next blocks would help Martin to tell a brief story of the movie characters and give some background about them for the audience.

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Taxi Driver

The movie itself is very dirty and violent, so it would be hard to find a decent template for this one. So I believe that Martin would select one of our Taxi templates and stick to his guns by changing the illustrations, backgrounds and customize all the ins and outs of it. It would be easy as a pie to customize this one and make it look darker and more movie fitting.

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A movie about the cop who works undercover deserves a police template, do you agree? I would say that choosing a template for the Departed movie would be the easiest task for Martin. We have a pretty good-looking Police template that can be used to promote any movie about the cops or any other government services.

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The Wolf of Wall Street

I bet this movie motivated you as hell and made you think that you can make the cold calls like a pro and like Leonardo in the movie, am I right? I believe that Martin would create a fake website of the Stratton Oakmont company and make it a part of the movie advertising campaign. The best way to design a website for this company would be using one of our amazing business templates, like this one.

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Raging Bull

To me this is the best movie about boxing and, by the way, it’s based on the autobiography of one of the famous boxers. We have plenty of boxing templates in our catalog, but we think that Martin Scorsese would choose this exact one. It’s simple and uses black and white colors. It means that it’s easier to make it fit the black and white movie (yeah, Raging Bull is the B/W movie).

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A movie about gambling deserves a gambling template and we have those. This Casino template is plain and simple, it doesn’t have unnecessary modules and plugins included, so it’s also very lightweight. This movie is a true masterpiece, but not everyone can truly enjoy it, so don’t be sad if you don’t like it like others did, we are all different!

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Mean Streets

This is a tricky one. The template itself doesn’t fit the topic at all, but look at this beautiful layout! I am a huge fan of the movies that showcase the old and dirty streets of the New York City and Mean Streets is one of those movies. Someone would say that this movie is unique despite the fact that it cannot be called a masterpiece or something like that. This template is another proof that a template with a completely different topic can be customized and used for something else. This layout will help to advertise and showcase the Mean Streets movie at it’s best! Just work on the pictures and content a little bit and you’re done, Martin!

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This movie deserves the most stylish template available for this topic. This Airport theme would be liked by Martin for sure and he would decide to customize it for the Aviator movie website. It doesn’t have all those unnecessary booking plugins on the main page, Martin wouldn’t need them, so it would save his time anyway. The template looks calm and peaceful, this is a great choice!

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Shutter Island

Yeah, the movie itself is dark and this template looks pretty bright, I know! However, take a look at the layout that goes with this template, it’s very unusual. The colors of this template can be customized in the dashboard in a few clicks, so you will be able to make it look darker by changing the color palette and switching the pictures on the pages. You know what, Martin? Just go for it, it really looks like a great choice for your movie website!

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