Pros and Cons of Using a WordPress Theme on Your Website


Why is WordPress so popular? One reason is the extensive collection of themes available for WordPress on the internet. With these themes, you can customize your site to whatever extent you desire with just a few clicks and drag operations. When choosing a theme for your site, you have two basic options. Either choose a free theme or spend some money and get a paid one. Is it a right choice to spend money for WordPress themes? Let’s discuss.

WordPress Free Themes

Why would anyone give away anything for free? You might have asked this question to yourself. Free themes are often a gateway to selling premium WordPress themes for WordPress theme designers. For now let’s put that aside and jump into the pros and cons of WordPress free themes.

They’re Free, Obviously!

You don’t need any explanations on this. WordPress free themes are what you can choose if you have a very tight budget with no money to purchase a premium theme, or if you are deploying a test site and just need to set up any theme.

Simple Design

Since the theme comes for free, most free theme developers don’t add all those extra features and customization options that the premium themes have. Thus, the design will be very simple. Sometimes that is exactly what you need.

Most Free WordPress Themes Look the Same

That’s right. When you go to WordPress theme repository, you can see that there are thousands of themes out there. But when you look closely, you can see that most of them look quite similar. There may be a difference in colors or button styles etc. But basically, a lot of them look a lot the same.

Also, consider that free themes are used by everyone under the sun. Hundreds of thousands of websites will look exactly the same as yours. This means that if you opt to install a free theme, your site won’t look very unique.

Limited or No Support

We can’t complain too much about there being no support for free WordPress themes. Developers are providing the themes for free, but they can’t provide us support. When you run into any trouble during setup or customization, the only help you can count on is the internet. Basically, you are on your own. However, keep in mind that there are a lot of forums and sites discussing these issues and they probably have a solution for you. You might just need to wait for it.

WordPress Premium Themes

Have you noticed that most of the successful blogs and websites running on WordPress use a premium theme? There are many reasons for this.

Highly Customizable WordPress Theme

Premium themes offer you a great level of customizability. Everything from the footer text to the site widget arrangement can be customized from the control panel they provide. Most premium themes have a built-in customizer that contains all the options available in the theme. If you go to any premium theme seller and take a look at the screenshots they provide, you will get a clear picture of this. You can see the level of features they provide when you buy premium WordPress themes. You probably will never have to look up a manual customization tutorial if you buy a premium WordPress theme.


Since you are paying them for the theme, you are provided with a certain level of support. In case you run into any troubles when using the theme, you can just contact the developers. Some theme creators will even offer to set up the theme for you.

The Unique Design and Look

At first, when you look at the demo content of a premium theme, you might think they look generic. But the real power lies in your hands. Once you purchase a theme, due to the high customizability of these premium themes, you can redesign them the exact way you want it to look. This will make your site look unique and elegant.
This is one of the reasons why most famous sites use a premium theme. When you compare the demo content and the site’s design, you will be amazed by the change. Premium themes are highly customizable and give you a unique look. You just need to have a creative idea about how the site should look and make the necessary changes.
If you prefer to not to go to the hassle of customizing the theme, you are still going to get a better, more unique design than from a free WordPress theme.

Inbuilt Plugins

Some themes come with inbuilt WordPress plugins. These are popular plugins which can come in handy at certain times. This is one of the added advantages. When you buy a premium theme, you also often get a package deal.

How to Choose a WordPress Theme

Choosing a theme is a confusing task. First, you have to choose between free and paid ones. If you are serious about the site you are building and want to have an outstanding look and flexibility in customization, then premium themes are the right option for you. Even though you are spending some money at first, it will be worth it. Once you have decided to go with a premium theme, the next step is to choose a right one. You should compare the cost and features of various themes to find out which one suits you best.

Consider the features of a theme that you will actually use and the features that you actually need. Some premium themes include features that you will never use, and this not only drives up the price but can complicate maintenance in the future.

Choose a trusted premium WordPress theme providers that have sold thousands of themes in the past and you’ll be sure that the quality of the code is high and the support is strong. Now you’re ready for your business to face the online world with your unique, stylish, fast loading and easy to navigate WordPress website.

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