Introducing MailChimp WD: WordPress Plugin for MailChimp


Email marketing and digital campaigns are an important tactic for getting a product or service out to the world. Email newsletter marketing is an excellent source of return business. Many businesses are already using MailChimp, or a similar application. It’s a newsletter service that allows users to widely distribute email campaigns to a customized list of recipients or “subscribers”.

MailChimp WD is for MailChimp users who run a WordPress site. This plugin bridges the gap between the two pieces of software. For anybody who does not yet have a MailChimp account, creating one is free and only takes a few moments.  

It’s easy to recognize that MailChimp WD is the go-to plugin for WordPress users seeking to integrate MailChimp subscription forms, and more, into their WordPress site.

Powerful Synergetic Functionality

The list of pros for this plugin is a formidable one. MailChimp WD comes ready to suit your needs and is loaded with a wide array of useful settings that allow you to grow and enhance your WordPress site’s functionality. In just a couple clicks, you can:

  • Integrate MailChimp emailing into your WordPress site.
  • Create forms for subscribing and unsubscribing to a mailing list using the list fields from MailChimp.
  • Manage your MailChimp subscribers right from within the WordPress admin.

Simple Installation and Integration

Another pro of this plugin is that it’s super easy to download, install and activate. Once the plugin is activated you simply need to grab the API key from your MailChimp account. Then you can quickly create as many subscribe or unsubscribe forms as needed and connect them to the appropriate MailChimp lists. Manage subscriptions easily via the plugin’s admin menu.

Advanced Display Options

MailChimp WD comes with 4 different options of displaying the forms  – Embedded, Popup, Top bar and Scroll box. Choose whichever works the best for your website and your visitors or try different form types for different page categories. Each of the views has its customization options, including animation effect for pop-up, display pages, categories, frequency and more.

Versatile Subscription Forms

Another great pro of installing this plugin is that it allows users to combine fields from different lists from a MailChimp account. You just choose the fields you want to use by selecting each list. Continuing in that respect, it only takes a couple of clicks to add the list fields from MailChimp to a form. The form structure can be customized and the ease-of-use is stellar: it is all drag and drop.

A custom CSS editor lets you perfect the design of the forms as well. The Captcha field option reassures you’re secure and protect against spambots. There are even three options for Captchas – simple, arithmetic and Google ReCaptcha. They are designed to be placed in the MailChimp subscription forms to eliminate junk submissions to your WordPress site.  

The user-friendly admin is clean and simple and easy to manage for new users or experienced email marketing specialist. The MailChimp WD WordPress plugin is unique in allowing you to embed the forms into pages, posts and a widget area. This plugin works by collecting the information visitors submit and adding it to the list of your organization’s or site’s subscribers [on MailChimp].  

The plugin lets its users manage these submissions and view the people which have subscribed to any MailChimp lists. This plugin also allows users to export (and save or print) this information in either CSV or XML formats.

Comprehensive Reporting

This plugins hidden pro is how it allows users to review the extensive information for each form entry. Are there repeat visitors? People with the same work email? Out-of-staters or international visitors? This information seems simple, and is easy to collect and review, however, it’s crucial in determining the success of an online marketing campaign. If you’re not reaching your target audience, what do you need to change to do so?

This plugin can track the number of form submissions, conversion rate and views. It can also filter entries by date, IP address, email address and more. The MailChimp WD plugin can also help you block IP addresses, if any have proven to be spam, competitors or harassing. They can then be unblocked at any time.

One more fantastic feature is that this WordPress plugin lets you customize virtually all aspects of every form. You’re able to choose a theme suits your website, add images, an animation, new fields and more.

Very few cons exist for this plugin. Installation does require WordPress 3.x and higher, but the API key is easy to activate. A support forum and troubleshooting team exist if any problems are encountered. And the general options are easy to configure and personalize. Any additional questions about this plugin can be answered on the FAQ.  

The bottom line is that if you’re running a business or website that are already using MailChimp and WordPress to function and market a product or service, then there is no reason to not connect the dots already and install this plugin. It’s seamless and the logical next step in your email marketing strategy.

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