WordPress Form Maker Review: Flexible Forms in Minutes


Forms can be used for just about anything but their main purpose is to collect feedback and gather inquire information.However, their usage goes beyond the scope of collecting information, and forms are also used for website registration, application, etc. If your website is built on WordPress and you’re looking for a versatile form builder to create forms for just any purpose have a look at Form Maker plugin. It’s one of the most popular and highly rated form builder plugins in the WordPress directory which comes with a user-friendly backend and a myriad of customization options. The plugin features over 1.400.000 downloads and is currently used on over 100.000 websites.

Let’s have a closer look at Form Maker plugin, and see what features and functionalities it comes with.

You can download Form Maker plugin either from the WordPress directory ,or from the plugin’s official page at web-dorado.com. The plugin comes with detailed documentation and demo for admin and form types.

Creating forms with Form Maker is easy and will not require much time from you. Once the plugin is activated you’ll find its menu bar in your admin area, where you can create and manage your forms. Unlike the other plugins, where you’ll have to build your forms from the very scratch , Form Maker comes with 12 form templates, which you can further edit and customize to fit your needs. Moreover, the plugin allows you to edit and save the form as a copy, which means the template will not undergo any changes.

Here is a form template for a basic contact form. You can drag and drop the fields up/down, change orders of the fields, and move them left or right to create field columns within the form.

However, if you want to create your own forms from the ground up, just click on the “Add New” button in the manager section and the plugin will take you to the form creation page. First, you’ll have to give it a name, select a theme for the form and then you can proceed to adding fields to it. Form Maker features an intuitive form builder, which allows you to add as many fields to the forms as you want and lets you preview the changes you made.

There are various field options you can add to the forms. Those are for text input, time and date selection, file upload, Paypal Integration, captcha protection, etc.With the available form fields you can obtain any kind of information from your visitors.Find the full list of the field options below.

Each of the field options is fully customizable, letting you to adjust field parameters to your needs and see them change in the live preview.

Now let’s talk about form customization options. You can give the forms outstanding look and feel with the available form themes, There are currently 37 customizable themes in the plugin which you can edit with custom CSS. Also, the plugin allows you to create your own themes from the very scratch.

To customize the layout of the form you have to go the form layout options. After you uncheck the auto-generate layout box, you can get to editing the HTML code. You can change positioning, add in-line styles and etc. Click on the provided buttons to add the corresponding field.

Form Options

There is a wide range of form options that the plugin allows you to customize. Those are form’s general options, email options, payment options, actions after submission, JavaScript, MySQL mapping options, and conditional fields.

Under general options you can find some basic form settings and front end submissions access options. You can choose the form theme, choose where to save your data, and select the users who can have access to front end submissions.

Under the email options, you can find settings of the emails sent to your users and to the administrator. You can specify email from name, its subject, and insert a custom text in the email for the administrator.

From submissions section you can choose what happens when your visitors submit a form. You can choose one of the available options, such as stay on from, stay on a specific page or post, redirect them to a specific URL, or add a custom text which will be showed to your visitors upon submission of the form.

As mentioned above Form Maker plugin provides Paypal integration possibility within the forms.From the Payment options section you can regulate payment settings, such as turning on Paypal, selecting the payment currency, tax percentage, etc.

Conditional fields functionality is one of the most outstanding features of Form Maker plugin. This functionality allows you to hide or display fields on the forms based on specific conditions you set. For example, you can set a condition to ask for the state name is a user has selected USA as a his country, This would mean that the field asking for a state name will not be displayed to other users, who are not from USA.

The submissions section is where you can find all of your submitted forms.For each of the forms certain type of analytical data is available, such as the number of entries, number of form views, conversion rate, etc. This section is searchable which means you can search the database by all the available fields of the given form. Also, you can edit or delete any of the submissions, and organize the submissions fields in the order that fits your needs. The plugin allows you to export submissions to CSV or XML formats to be able to view the files in Microsoft Excel software program.

Form Maker allows you to block specific IP addresses that you find irrelevant or if they send spam with the submissions. To do this you just have to go to the Blocked IPs section, provide the IP address you want to block in the relevant field and press Add IP button.You can also block IPs from the submissions section of the plugin. Blocked IPs can be unblocked anytime later.


Form Maker is incredibly feature rich yet it also comes with a number of add-ons, which will further extend the functionality of your forms.
Here is the full list of Form Maker add-ons

Import/Export Add-on
Save Progress Add-on
Stripe Integration Add-on
Google PDF Integration Add-on
Mailchimp Integration Add-on
User Registration Add-on
Post Generation Add-on
Conditional Emails Add-on
Dropbox Integration Add-on
Google Drive Integration Add-on
Pushover Integration Add-on
Calculator Add-on

WordPress Form Maker plugin is a great choice if you’re looking for an efficient form building plugin. It’s well developed and has a great support team behind it which is ready to provide timely support.

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