Boost Your Digital Marketing Campaigns with These Plugins


It is easy to recognize that WordPress is one of the most important platforms for content management available to businesses and web developers. With this being said, how does anybody make their own site a unique success?

WordPress also offers droves of plugins and tools to optimize, brand, market and promote your site’s success. Below are several of the most effective WordPress plugins to boost your digital marketing campaigns.  

1. WordPress Statistics



WordPress Statistics is an extensive plugin for any WordPress site’s visitor statistics. This plugin allows you to track statistics without using external services. It also respects users’ privacy. On-screen statistics presented as graphs are easily viewed through the WordPress admin interface. Additional features of this plugin include shortcodes, widgets, email reports, GeoIP location, a comprehensive admin manual and a support forum. Knowing the who, when, where and how many about site traffic is important and can certainly help boost any only marketing campaign.  

2. MailChimp WD



MailChimp WD is one of the most utilitarian plugins available. Developed to create MailChimp subscribe-unsubscribe forms and manage lists from any WordPress site, it allows users to quickly and easily integrate MailChimp into their WordPress site. It is an intuitive and hassle-free plugin that lets businesses manage subscribers and lists directly. It has a mobile-friendly design with Captcha fields and conditional formatting and is the perfect way to keep track of who is being emailed your business’ latest marketing collateral, coupons, products, and offers.

3. Google Analytics WD



Any digital marketing analyst, or business owner for that matter, knows the importance of using Google Analytics and all it has to offer. And so WordPress has its own version. Google Analytics WD is a mighty plugin sure to boost any digital marketing campaign. This plugin adds tracking to your website, displays analytics reports, helps you manage goals, filters and more. This plugin has compatibility to let you view all analytics reports, site traffic information, location, audience, and browser statistics. It has a responsive design and reports can be viewed in line, pie or column charts.




When it comes to online marketing strategies and approaches don’t overlook the simple things. Like customer inquiries. In this regard, you should never underestimate the importance of a website’s FAQ section. So it’s a good thing that WordPress has a plugin for that. The FAQ WordPress plugin is designed to create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section your business’ website. The FAQ WD plugin allows developers to create an unlimited amount of questions then assign the questions to categories. It is designed to use space uncomplicatedly and assist the customer in navigating to the relevant question. A search box option is also available.

5. Floating Social Bar



Floating Social Bar is by far the leading social media plugin for WordPress. It adds a floating share bar to your site’s content. Social media share buttons can sometimes slow a site down. But not Floating Social Bar. It is a relatively lightweight plugin that allows users to share content easily from your pages. The floating feature allows the social media bar to get you and your product maximum shares. It’s easy to use and can definitely boost your next digital marketing campaign. Just give it a try first, to see if it fits in with the design of your WordPress site.

6. LeadIn



LeadIn is an easy-to-use contact form AND analytics plugin that utilizes lead tracking and marketing automation to get to know and understand your website visitors and what they are doing on your site. It can boost your current marketing campaign by helping you to ascertain the details about your potential clients or customers. Convert more visitors to contacts, sync those contact and find out what content and traffic convert the most leads.

7. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is another tool that can help you grow your business. OptinMonster helps by growing your email list — converting more site visitors into subscribers and customers. This app comes with an easy to use form builder. Every form you create is completely customizable and can be floating header or footer forms, mobile-specific, welcome gates or scroll triggered forms.

Using OptinMonster forms combined with WordPress’ exit-intent technology, page-level targeting, and behavior automation, the conversion rate results of your next online marketing campaign could easily skyrocket.

8. ThirstyAffiliates


Businesses can earn more via affiliate marketing by taking advantage of and downloading ThirstyAffiliates. This is an affiliate link management and link cloaking tool. ThirstyAffiliates gives website developers the tools needed to profit from incorporating this type of marketing into their WordPress site. This is not an app or plugin but a suite of affiliate marketing tools that enables you to administer your affiliate links, insert them into posts, pages, and comments. It also gives you a centralized location in WordPress to manage all affiliate links in one place.

ThirstyAffiliates can create aesthetically pleasing links from homely affiliate links (via link redirection or link cloaking) while giving you security and protecting any commissions from theft.  

9. WordPress Photo Gallery


WordPress Photo Gallery is a highly responsive gallery plugin. If your digital marketing campaign includes any photos or images, this is a must-have. The designers of this plugin considered the user experience first and foremost. This means WordPress Photo Gallery is optimized for serving; speed is crucial in SEO and conversion.  

If your business plans to make money off of the images you’re posting, this app is just as vital. Want to add the Pinterest button to your photos? Or share them (or have site visitors share them) on social media? Social media integration is key.

It is safe to say that in today’s technologically evolving and web-connected universe that digital marketing isn’t so hard. But getting your product or message out to customers – and with return on investment – is not necessarily an easy accomplishment. May the above plugins be the foundation of your next campaign’s success.

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