8 Signs That Your Website Pushes Away the Clients


 Discover 8 Signs That Your Website PushesAway the Clients

Hellowen is gone but we’re still in the mood. Not only thrilling monsters can scare people, but also your site’s look, which can make visitors turn pale at a glance. For this reason, today we will find out 8 signs that push your site visitors away.

Sign 1. Ridiculous Domains

You know, there is a lot of funny names all over the world. Moreover, sometimes people create offensive nicknames in order to tease each other. In fact, the same thing happens to website domain names. They have a truly valuable impact on your site’s reputation, popularity, and even its look. For example, if you own a kids clothing online shop, it’s really a failure idea to name it bigbrothersonline.com.


In addition, an inappropriate domain name can cause you not only a plenty of losses but also can make online visitors consider your recourse as an ordinary trick.

Sign 2. Too Much for Design

For sure, we all want to capture people’s attention on our sites but sometimes it really can be too much. There are a lot of too bright and overloaded websites that create only one desire – to leave them as soon as possible.


This kind of websites can be easily recognized by hell color combinations, patterns, and stupid images. By the way, imagery is our next sign.

Sign 3. Low-quality & Senseless Images

Imagery also means a lot, especially, when it comes to your site’s design. Speaking about the quality, remember that no one will consider your website as a reliable one, if your images are full of grains. Basically, the website with grainy images seems nothing more than a fake.


To say more, your imagery should highlight the idea of your website instead of generating laugh, bewildering, distraction, etc. So, if you fill up an analytic website with comic images full of hassle, you definitely will catch a defeat.

Sign 4. Super Annoying Pop-ups

No doubts, it is really one of the scariest things your website can have. You browse the page and see a huge pop-up with a waste text on it. Actually, it not only takes time to find out on how to close this stuff but also contains an offensive text from time to time.


In fact, pop-ups can be really good and relevant. However, you definitely should think about their value, text, and look in general.

Sign 5. Poor Grammar

If the text on your website is full of grammar & spelling mistakes, probably, it won’t be considered as a solid resource. Whether you own an online store, a personal portfolio, a volunteer organization, or any other kind of site, a good grammar is your real must-have.


Moreover, filling up your website with a hassle-free text brings a value and a profit to your web page.

Sign 6. Unresponsiveness

It comes as no surprise, that responsiveness is not a trend anymore, it’s a requirement. So, it is a bit weird to find tons of websites that still do not have a mobile-friendly look. The thing is, that nowadays business is not about computers, it’s about tablets, laptops, and smartphones. We’re too busy to waste our time on PC, we need to find a better solution just right here and right now while browsing a portable device at lunch. Therefore, responsiveness could help your business and your website to become this solution at a glance.


In addition, even if you have really good fonts and images on your site, a comfortable navigation, whatever, it all looks insanely awful even on the iPhone 8. So, stay cool and launch a professional-looking mobile version of your website.

Sign 7. Lack of Contact

Basically, if you state your website as a reliable one, your visitors should know where to find you and how to contact you. Believe it or not, but a plenty of pretty fine websites went through fiasco because of a lack of contact information. Usually, visitors consider these sites as frauds.


Therefore, make sure your resource has a phone number, address, email, whatever. It would be wonderful to mention your business location with the help of Google maps. For sure, a valuable contact information causes you the reliance from clients.

Sign 8. It Takes Forever To Load Your Website

You know, there are tons of powerful websites on the web. Moreover, there is nothing irreplaceable in the world, so, why people should wait for your web page to load?


In addition, there is a lot of great tools on how to boost your page speed. Therefore, take your time and stop scaring people with an everlasting page load.

So, these 8 warning signs mean that your website really scares people more than Horror Halloween costumes. Also, pay attention to your designer and copywriter. These people mean a lot while creating a top-notch web recourse. For this reason, make sure you did not choose them being too greedy about your budget.

By the way, there is a great solution not to scary people with your site’s look and filling. I’m here about a wide range of responsive WordPress themes that will help you to avoid everything I’ve mentioned above. They are ultra responsive and have a gorgeous design. Let’s take a look at some of them right away!

Elbrus – Multipurpose Business WordPress Theme

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Monstroid2 – Responsive WordPress Theme For Multiple Purposes

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KidsHealth – Kids Care Center Responsive WordPress Theme

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Exclusive Coffee Shop Responsive WordPress Theme

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Skyline – Business Responsive MotoCMS Template

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Swanxy – Creative Agency & Ambient Advertising Responsive WordPress Theme

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Latify – Traditional Farming Responsive WordPress Theme

Latify - Private Farm Responsive WordPress Theme

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Minimax – Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Minimax - Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

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Minimax is a new WordPress theme, which comes with multiple home pages, a rich number of other pages to tell about yourself, unlimited colors, an easy-customizable nature, a point & click interface, content widgets, present page layouts, Google Analytics, a reliable support, and much more!

Olsen – Stylish Blog WordPress Theme

Olsen - Stylish Blog WordPress Theme

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Dream about successful blogging? Launch your stylish blog with Olsen! It’s a clean WordPress theme with a really large number of features. Here you get a Featured Content slider, custom background & colors, custom styling Instagram widget, and a bunch of other features! It is just a fashion solution for your successful blogging!

Didi – Lifestyle WordPress Theme

Didi - Lifestyle WordPress Theme

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Didi is a perfect WordPress theme to showcase your view of life. It comes with a minimalist design, a captivating typography, and an advanced functionality. It is truly mobile-friendly and boasts multiple layout options. Moreover, it has a Customizer, which will help you to choose from 3 various blog layouts. Six widget areas, social media icons, and a lot of other features will help you to present your lifestyle in the best light.

To Sum It All Up

We hope that this article will help you to renovate your website for goodness. These signs really make your website look boring and allow visitors to leave it right away. Try to fix bad imagery, grammar, poor content, and other signs, or choose an appropriate responsive WordPress theme for a new top-notch website!

Hopefully, this article will help you to throw all scary facts about your websites away. Enjoy the upcoming night of spirits, prepare the coolest costumes, and have a lot of fun! Trick or treat?


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