8 FREE WordPress Plugins For Social Feeds


Social media is an inseparable part of our lives and has its huge share in any business success.  Not only does it make the website look more updated and relevant, it also provides an easy way for visitors to connect directly with you.

Integrating social feeds to websites is a widely popular practice, so we invite you to have a look at the list of the best and FREE  social feed WordPress plugins below.


Instagram Feed WD


Instagram Feed WD, a free and user-friendly plugin, allows users to share Instagram posts of their choice on their WordPress website, whether it is one particular photo or an entire timeline or just hashtags.
This easy to use plugin can be customized and has an extensive range of features, some of which are:

  •   variety of layouts,
  •  a filtering option to select only the specific images needed,
  •  option to open the pictures in a lightbox or just redirect to the original Instagram page,
  •  various themes,
  •  size customization options,
  •  and transition effects.A widget present on the sidebar helps embed pictures and timelines.


 Facebook Feed WD


Facebook Feed WD is a plugin that allows content from the world’s biggest social media site, Facebook, to be shown on a website. Making any site more social has become a lot easier with the help of this plugin which lets the user feature unlimited feeds from any Facebook pages, public groups or accounts along with the captions and tags.
The main features of this plugin are that the feeds shared are custom and responsive. There are options to update the content by deleting the old feeds and adding new ones or just replacing them. The feeds can be viewed in lightboxes of custom size having many transition effects.

 Feed Them Social


Feed Them Social is a plugin that allows sharing of feeds from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Simple and easy to set up, this plugin comes with many features and is backed by great support. It has a wide range of customization options and also provides a shortcode generator to help with any codes needed to share a feed.
Feed Them Social allows any number of feeds comprising of photos, videos, or other posts, to be shared, all of which are responsive, along with ‘like’ or ‘follow’ options. It provides a variety of extensions, one of them being the premium extension which helps add in YouTube feeds.


Social Feed


Social Feed is a plugin that makes sharing of social media feeds available in an easy way. The feeds can be shared from any Facebook page or any Twitter or Instagram accounts or Pinterest boards, etc. With options like custom feeds and merge management, and a wide range of feed templates to choose from, this plugin is quite user friendly.
It allows the display of feeds in a vertical style using widgets or in a blog or masonry format, along with the description of the feed. Security features like hiding display picture and date of posts or captions are also available. There is a built-in shortcode generator which enables easier and customized sharing of feeds.

POWR Social Feed


POWR Social Feed WP plugin helps in featuring any content from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine, etc and allows mixed contents from all these sites to be visible in one gallery. The main features of this plugin are its customizability, variety of fonts, colours, and backgrounds, and its wide range of language support.
The feeds are responsive and search engine optimized and there is the option to hide or update the shared content.

Flow-Flow Social Stream


Sharing social media feeds on a WordPress website has become a lot easier with Flow-Flow Social Stream which allows sharing of combinations of feeds from various sites. It provides feeds to be featured from the major social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
This user friendly plugin can work on many browsers and has fast transition effects and animations which use CSS3. Compatible with several third party plugins, it has been optimized to work on various mobile and tablet screen sizes and types. The shared feeds are responsive and the pro version of this plugin enables feeds to be featured from sites like Tumblr, Google+, YouTube, etc.


 Appreplica Social Feeds


Appreplica Social Feeds WP plugin allows users to add third party content from their favourite sites in its entirety on WordPress. This plugin supports apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Flickr along with many other. Moreover, adding these apps to WordPress will not slow down the WordPress websites as the content itself is hosted in the cloud and is remotely displayed on WordPress pages.
It is a lightweight plugin that works with virtually all themes and does not negatively impact the website’s performance. Additionally, the plugin updates in real time and is easy to use.


Facebook Feed


Facebook Feed plugin allows users to display public Facebook timelines right on their WordPress websites. Additionally, it also has the option to display Twitter and Instagram feeds. It also allows enabling links to full posts on Facebook page.
With a simple user interface, it is easy to use with lots of options for customization. Moreover, this plugin does not host private details on your site and keeps it all on a cloud server so that security is maintained.

Over To You

Which free social feed WordPress plugin do you use to showcase your social feeds on your site? Share your views in the comments below!

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