10 Superb And FREE WordPress Plugins For Better Typography


WordPress users often want to customize their websites based on their own needs. That’s the beauty of WP — you can tweak almost every aspect of your website. However, since WordPress is designed to be lean and lightweight in terms of code, there are certain tweaks that can be accomplished using external plugins. Such WP plugins help to extend and increase the functionality of WordPress and offer its users custom features so they can tailor the site to their own needs.

In terms of typography, users like having variety of fonts at their fingertips. So today in this post, we’ll take a look at 10 free typography WordPress plugins that will better your site’s readability and make it look and feel good.

1 Google Typography

Google Typography allows users access to any of the 600+ fonts available on Google Fonts without the need to modify any code or theme files. The only process involved in this is adding and customising the fonts chosen in the WordPress admin panel and assigning them to specific CSS selectors on the user’s site.
Additionally, the selection of Google fonts available with the plugin are updated in real time so users can choose from the latest ones that Google Fonts have to offer.

2 Easy Google Fonts

Easy Google Fonts is ideal for all users who want to change the fonts on their sites without changing the theme. By integrating seamlessly with WordPress Customizer, Easy Google Fonts gives users a simple way to change the typography of their theme without resorting to any coding.
Not only does this plugin gives users access to over 600 Google Fonts, it also allows them to preview the fonts in real time on their sites. Moreover, it allows users to create unlimited custom font controls which are then always instantly available in the Customizer Preview and saved as presets.

3 Google Fonts For Woo Framework

Google Fonts for Woo Framework is specifically targeted at people using the WooThemes Canvas theme or any other themes based on the WooThemes framework. Not only does this plugin gives users access to all the Google Fonts, but it also allows them additional selected international subsets like Greek, Cyrillic, Vietnamese, etc. which are not currently fully supported by the WooThemes framework.
This plugin provides users with the ability to select all available Google Web Fonts in the WooThemes admin pages. When selected, the chosen font is displayed in the site’s appearance customizer. Moreover, the plugin helps keep the bandwidth down by giving users the choice to select only the font weights they need, such as light/regular/bold (300/400/700).

4 wp-Typography

wp-Typography is designed to improve the readability and aesthetic of sites by providing a great range and variety of features related to font management. It takes care of small details that are often overlooked and thus provides a more pleasing visual effect.
This free WP plugin works with multiple languages and even integrates with Advanced Custom Fields! Some features provided by the wp-Typography plugin include hyphenation (supported by more than 50 languages), space control and intelligent character replacement.

5 Fonto – Web Fonts Manager

Fonto is a great typography plugin that comes with a lot of features. A custom font management plugin, it easily assimilates with the WordPress editor. This allows user access to numerous free fonts without any coding involved.
Moreover, the plugin is designed such that it is able to work with any configuration offered by font vendors like Fonts.com, MyFonts.com, Typekit or Google Fonts. It does so either with the use of an embed code or hosting the font files locally. This is great for users who enjoy trying out new and unique typography options.

6 Font Organizer

Font Organizer is one typography tool that not only allows users access to a variety of fonts but it also allows them to upload and use their own fonts. It offers a complete and free solution for font management including upload of custom fonts as well as access to over 600 fonts available in Google Fonts.
This plugin requires no specific knowledge or any other hassle and is quick and easy to use. Most importantly, you can upload your own fonts, so if there are any premium fonts that you bought from a third party source, you can use them on your site easily.

7 Typekit Fonts for WordPress

Typekit Fonts for WordPress is another WordPress typography plugin that offers access to a variety of fonts. Hundreds of high quality fonts that are fully licensed and compliant to the font-face standard are available for use on WordPress sites through Typekit.
Not only do Typekit selectors give a fast and reliable method to get fonts enabled on WordPress sites, but for advanced users it even gives more control and lets users access additional attributes such as weight of fonts, kerning specifications, etc.

8 Better Font Awesome

Better Font Awesome is a plugin that automatically integrates the latest version of the Font Awesome (a font and CSS toolkit) into the user’s WordPress site. This way, all the latest features and fonts available on Font Awesome are at the fingertips of the user right inside WP admin panel.
Not only that, but Better Font Awesome is also backwards compatible so that users can switch versions without having to modify their shortcodes. Additionally, it is designed to be compatible with other font management plugins, thus providing a wider range of features.

9 Disable Google Fonts

Disable Google Fonts is a great plugin for users who are conscious of their privacy and security, Disable Google Fonts stops the automatic loading of Open Sans and other fonts used by WordPress and bundled themes from Google fonts. It is especially useful for countries where Google’s servers are blocked.
This plugin is very lightweight and easy to use. It has no settings. The users just have to activate the plugin and it works immediately.

10 Use Any Font

Use Any Font plugin is for users who like to use customs fonts that may not be available with online services. Unlike many other typography plugins, Use Any Font provides font uploading services and thus users are not dependent on any other server such as Typekit or Google Fonts.
It is quick to setup and easy to use and supports all major browsers. Moreover, fonts can be uploaded directly from WordPress Editor. It is also SEO friendly and allows multiple custom fonts.


So there you have it, some of the best and absolutely free WordPress typography plugins for better readability. Which one is your favorite? Share your views in the comments below!

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