10 FREE WordPress Plugins To Add Live Chat On Your Website


Online shopping and e-marketing have become an inseparable part of our lives and that brings the need to offer customer support for potential buyers. This is where Live Chat plugins come in handy.

For instance, when a customer encounters a problem in the middle of shopping online, their issue can be resolved in real time with the help of a live chat solution. Here are some free WordPress live chat plugins that can help you integrate a live chat solution on your website.

1 tawk.to

tawk.to is a free live chat application which enables chatting on a WordPress website. This app allows the user to monitor and help the viewers who visit the user’s WordPress website and solve their problems instantly. It is available for both computers and mobile phones and is made to provide better and more efficient customer service and support.
The main feature that tawk.to offers is its ability to answer the customer questions in real time. It is compatible with almost all browsers and the app is available on many platforms, including Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac OS X.

2 WP Live Chat Support

WP Live Chat Support plugin is a free, easy to use chatting platform which provides many customization options such as editing the fields on the live chat box or changing its colour. This plugin has many features which make it ideal for small businesses, one of which is that it doesn’t require any connection to another party apart from the users.
It allows any numbers of chats to be possible simultaneously and even stores the messages received when offline. Customers have several themes to choose from in this completely responsive live chat plugin. The plugin is compatible with other translation plugins and its pro version comes with even more features.

3 Facebook Messenger Live Chat

Facebook Messenger Live Chat enables the user to chat live on any website. Facebook Messenger is already a very popular and widely used chatting platform. Therefore this live chat solution based on Facebook and provided by Zotabox is easy and convenient.
Of course, you will need to integrate it with your Facebook account before using it.

4 WP Live Chat, Support, Sales

WP Live Chat, Support, Sales plugin provides online live chat feature on websites for better customer support. It is free of cost and helps the website with various things including better sales. It has a mobile app for Android as well as Apple and Windows. Unlimited number of chats can be handled at a time.
It is easily customizable and is multilingual. Some features of this impressive WP plugin are that it automatically send the offline chat texts to email, is responsive for mobiles and tablets, and provides geolocation options.

5 Zendesk Chat

The Zendesk Chat app enables real time chatting with customers to provide better support and quick problem solving. The online chatting can be done easily with the help of a widget. Zendesk allows multiple chats to be carried out at the same time and it also has a Proactive Chat feature which lets the customer support personnel use triggers to reach every customer instead of chatting personally with every customer.
The Zendesk Chat app is mobile optimized and hence customers can get in touch through any device. Apart from these, it is customizable and quite simple and allows monitoring of visitor metrics such as pages browsed, bounce rate, etc.

6 Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat is a free of cost live chat service made for WordPress users which facilitates better customer service. This simple to use plugin just requires installation and provides many features like real time chat with customers. Its integrated widget enables 140 languages to be used for the chat applet.
It also allows the user to monitor the visitors’ activity on their website and to get in touch with them directly. It has various customization options such as changing the colour scheme, typography, etc. The chat applet is available for desktop and mobile devices and can run on Android, Windows, iOS, OS X, and Chrome OS.

7 LiveChat

LiveChat, as the name suggests, is a live chat software which helps you provide better customer support. This help desk software enables the customers to ask questions and have them answered in real time by chatting live and getting the solution.
This WP plugin is pretty easy to use, but it has a 30 day trial following which you must register.

8 My LiveChat

My LiveChat is a free of cost live chat WordPress plugin that is user friendly and helps provide better customer service. Aside from real time solutions for customers, My LiveChat also allows monitoring the activities of the visitors on the website and the viewer traffic on the site.
This plugin’s applet only requires a click on the Live Help button to chat with a representative. This plugin is easily customizable and is Proactive as it aims on decreasing the number of visitors who leave the site without any purchase. Apart from its free version, there is a paid version having more features and customization options.

9 YITH Live Chat

YITH Live Chat, a live chat plugin ideally meant for WooCommerce users, aims to get rid of the customer’s problems and hesitations by connection them to the representative of the site to have their questions answered in real time and to achieve an almost physical shopping experience rather than an online one.
This free open source software has several main features. It lets you customize the welcome messages, and even run multiple chats at the same time.

10 Pure Chat

Pure Chat, a completely free live chat WordPress plugin, helps connect the customer and the website representative. This plugin can handle unlimited numbers of chats running at once.
The widgets on this live chat plugin are easily customizable by using the Pure Chat Dashboard. It stores the transcript of chats and support many other languages beyond English. There are trigger options and the possibility of storing offline chats into email forms. It allows an unlimited number of users to use the live chat for free. However, it also has a pro version that offers visitor tracking, contact tracking, and real time analysis features.

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