5 Unusual Trends to Spice up Your Website Design


At the present time, we are leaving in a fast developing world. Every day, the huge number of brand-new devices are invented. And the marketers are trying to sell them to us. Moreover, modern magazines and fashion blogs tell us what to eat, wear, buy, and how to look. As a result, a big amount of teenagers really buys that product. But what happens next?

Instantly, appears new stuff that marketers are trying to sell them to us, again. The new modern clothing line, the fresh revolutionary design of a smartphone and so on. Certainly, it’s not that bad – we are all living in an era of the technical progress, so it would be strange if we don’t develop in certain niches. On the other hand, the fashion goes in a form of waves. Here comes the first, and everyone is going crazy about the spinners. 🙂 Here comes the second one, and it brings something fresh, so everybody forgets about those spinners.

These waves are called trends. And, definitely, those trends found their way to the web design niche. If you take a look at the list of the designer portfolio WordPress themes, you will see a variety of the modern elements and features.

Obviously, the web design has changed, since 2000 . As a result, nowadays, it is extremely necessary to keep up with the latest web design and UI trends, to be able to compete. But luckily, here is a trick – there is a list of trends that are so unusual, that they are on a track, no matter what year it is. Together with TemplateMonster company, we are going to share with you this list.

In order to provide you with a solid imagery, every trend from this compilation is illustrated by a ready-made website template. The list contains website templates for different platforms. As a result, you will see by your own eyes that there are designs, that will remain relevant, regardless of the time. So, here we go.

#1 Flat Design – Creado WordPress Theme

Creado is a designer portfolio/art gallery WordPress theme, which was created with the main aim – to cause a jaw-dropping effect. But first, let us tell you more about the flat design. It requires a minimum use of the stylistic elements to create an illusion of depth. It is simple to recognize, due to the minimalist use of the graphic elements and typography. However, the color scheme is usually bright. If speaking about the Creado, it has a rather convenient navigation, thanks to the hidden menu. To see the main menu, just press the hamburger icon on the sidebar. Furthermore, the beautiful image slider allows showcasing your products and services in a most appealing way.

Details | Demo

#2 Minimalist Design – Furniture Website Theme

The name of our second web design trend stands for itself. To demonstrate all its advantages, we picked an HTML-powered furniture website theme. The perfect example of the stylish layout and a splendid functionality, this ready-made solution will definitely come in handy, if you aim to build any type of online store. Owing to the clean layout, white background and a minimalist use of different design elements, this furniture theme is a great tool to bring you more conversions. To clarify, the white background doesn’t distract your potential customers. Moreover, it gives them a focus on the most necessary part – your product. As a result, you are getting more purchases.

Details | Demo

#3 Grid Structure – Designer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Probably, this designer portfolio WordPress theme is one of the best examples of how a grid-structured website looks like. Owing to the easy-to-absorb manner, this trend is highly relevant nowadays. To clarify, we need you to take a look at the demo version of this theme. Each content block has a smooth hover animation, which shows us details about the certain post on the blog. The grid-structured layout is a great way to display the benefits of your works to your website visitors. Simply, choose the necessary imagery, place it in the content blocks and let your customers see what you are capable of.

Details | Demo

#4 Black and White – C&N Responsive WooCommerce Theme

First thing to remember, when speaking about the fourth trend on our list, is that this combination of colors is considered to be classic. It is used in the clothes, interior, device design development, etc. In fact, combining black and white colors is a rather wise psychological trick. First, people perceive these colors as a combination of power, strength and on the contrary, purity and cleanliness. Second, as we can see on an example of the C&N WooCommerce theme, the black background reduces an eye tension, which is a quite wise option for an online store – you can easily bring the accents on the necessary content elements.

Details | Demo

#5 Parallax Scrolling – Motorcycle OpenCart Template

Probably, you are already familiar with the last web design trend on our list. Why? Actually, it came to the web design niche from the good-old 2D video games, such as Mario, for example. The parallax scrolling effect creates an illusion of the 3D effect, owing to the background, which moves slower than a foreground. To demonstrate this trend in its whole beauty, we chose a Motorcycle OpenCart template. Just take a look at its demo version, to understand why. The smooth parallax effect, moving elements, and a proper navigation, will not leave any your website visitor indifferent. Coupled with a powerful functionality, its design creates a perfect combo, in order to make your online store really memorable.


Details | Demo

So, here is our list of the top 5 of the hottest web design trends of 2017. Each of them is timeless, which means that any of them will be relevant even in 5-10 years. As can be seen, it really doesn’t matter, if you want to create a new website or refresh the existing one. As any of these website templates can help you build a top-notch online page, in order to represent your business in front of the web community. Don’t be afraid to use any of them, to create your own website, as they are easily customizable. However, if you want to get your web page done within 24 hours, you may get a help of the Service Center. By the way, if you know any other timeless web design trends, feel free to write a comment below and share your opinion with us.

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