8 Ways WordPress Can Help You Boost Conversions


WordPress is the biggest, most popular and most versatile CMS.

According to Reviews Squirrel WordPress now powers about 26% of the web with about 1.1 million domains registered every 6 months to host WordPress sites alone.

Among CMS platforms alone, WordPress powers the majority of 59.4% market share while opening doors to countless web developers to add more plugins to the existing 44,622 plugins.

WordPress is big, and there’s no denying that.
But then, just buying a domain, setting up WordPress, adding a bunch of plugins, and investing in a theme isn’t going to give you anything in return.


Your WordPress business site has to:

  • Help boost your brand image
  • Allow your potential customers to visit your website
  • Load fast
  • Help you generate leads and sales


WordPress isn’t going to help do all of the above by itself. To get the most of your business website you have to share a lot of efforts and time.

Conversions (the point where random visitors turn into leads and then into customers) are critical for your business. WordPress is perfectly positioned to help your business get there. Here are a few ways WordPress helps you to boost your conversions:

Define Your Conversions. Set your Goals

You get what you define. When you set up a website for your business using WordPress, your goals can be simple or complex. But there are goals, for sure.

Set clear goals for your website overall (which could be more than one) and then drill down to each page to define specific goals for each page.

To make it simple, have just one goal per page. For instance, a few common pages with their respective goals could be:


  • Click on a button to have visitors send you a message on your about page.
  • Reach out with a business query off your contact page.
  • Browse and Buy products off your product page

Need customization?

Some CMS solutions and DIY (Do It Yourself) platforms complicate the process of site customization. Thankfully, WordPress is Open Source, flexible, efficient, and incredibly easy to use. If you have to make changes, you can deep dive into any element of your WordPress website and make the changes you need (including images, buttons, graphics, images, buttons, and what have you).

Fast Loading WordPress = Conversions

Conversion Rate optimization isn’t a one-time gig. The focus of conversion optimization is to help squeeze out as many conversions as you can for every level of traffic that you can drive to your website.

But any song, rain, and dance combinations you try to optimize your website for conversions is going to vain if your website doesn’t load fast.

Here are a couple of most WordPress plugins that you can use for a faster loading website:


Build a Marketing Technology Stack

Soon after your website goes live, you’d need to market it.

Your digital marketing mix is going to be a combination of blogging, content marketing (including infographics, slide decks, podcasting, and videos), social media, organic email Marketing, pay per click advertising, landing pages, and Marketing Automation.

Eventually, you’ll end up using a large variety of different tools to make all these different aspects of your digital marketing mix work together to get you the results you seek.

You can’t possibly work with so many different tools if they don’t play well with each other.

For that reason, most SaaS applications, apps, and marketing tools integrate with WordPress (by themselves or by using plugins).


A/B testing Is Possible

The only way to quantify your digital marketing results is with data (and not emotions).

Your business can’t depend on gut and hunches. You need data to make decisions. Regularly doing A/B testing for the following elements on your website allows you to make decisions that’ll finally boost your conversion rate. You could do A/B testing in the following use cases:


  • Version A: Contact form with 3 form fields Vs Version B: Contact form with 2 form fields
  • Version A: Hero section with headline and one CTA button Vs Version B: Hero Section with headline, sub heading, and 2 CTA buttons
  • Version A: Headline 1 Vs Version B: Headline 2
  • Version A: Hero Background Image Vs Version B: Hero Background Video

See where we are going with this? Test everything. That’s the only way to know what works and what doesn’t on your WordPress website.

Here are some WordPress plugins that help in A/B testing


Analytics Is a Breeze

Since you are hopefully convinced about the need to do A/B testing, you’d need analytics to make sense of the numbers.

Google Analytics is free and powerful tool you can use straight away with WordPress to get all kinds of data (such as above) along with other information such as audiences, demographics, user behavior, how often your page goals are met, events, and other data.

There are many ways to use Google Analytics. However, to make things simple, you can connect WordPress and Google Analytics in an instant with our WordPress Google Analytics Plugin.


Deploy Landing Pages

There’s no digital marketing without using landing pages – specific, standalone pages built to focus visitors’ attention on a call-to-action so that conversions are improved.

Compared to a regular WordPress page, landing pages don’t have extra elements that distract visitors such as sliders, navigational links, other links, etc.

On landing pages, you usually only have copy, maybe an image, and a form and/or a CTA button (for visitors to take action).

All landing page builders in the market integrate with WordPress naturally. WordPress itself has a few plugins that you can use to build your own landing pages.

Here are some WordPress plugins to build perfect landing pages:


Use Conversion Plugins & Host of Other Plugins

Because WordPress is almost the default now, many developers and companies have developed plugins specifically built for optimizing and boosting conversions off your WordPress site.

You can use some of these conversion-specific plugins and many other plugins to make your WordPress website convert better.

Here are some great WorPress social media plugins you can use:

How are you working to help optimize your WordPress website for conversions? Tell us all about it.

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