7 Tips to Get Higher Conversion From Email Marketing


Emails are used both by professional and beginner users. While it’s one of the oldest tools known to the internet marketing,it’s not going anywhere in the future.. Considering the massive ROI it produces, it’s the most widely used tool in digital marketing.

“Compared to other media, email messages are dirt cheap to send. With TV you are spending on ad agencies, creative studios, and cable channels. With print ads, you are helping to keep newspapers and magazines alive. Direct mail costs more than $600 per thousand pieces. With email, there are almost no costs at all. But its low cost only makes the argument stronger that email marketing is the most cost-effective advertising method available today” – hbr.org

Now, the harsh truth

Email marketing is the king, but it doesn’t mean all of your email campaigns are going to perform their best. In fact, your email might not even get opened or it might end up in spam folders if you have not planned your strategy well enough.
Now, time to ‘Smile’
If you are one of those marketers who’s not satisfied with ROI, click throughs and Open rates for your emails, keep reading this blog for 7 great ways to get higher conversion from your email marketing campaign.

Write an email, not a brochure

Honestly, email was discovered as an interpersonal communication tool, not marketing tool. However, when I look at my inbox, today I see more marketing emails than my personal communications.
The concern is not with email being used as a marketing tool, in fact, it’s the best marketing tool. The concern is, people hardly pay an attention to something that shouts it’s a marketing email. Not all of them enjoy reading lengthy emails with full on promotional stuff. Even if they open it, they would hardly get too far before deleting your email and marking you as a spammer.

An easy solution

Be personal with your email. It should look like it’s coming from you personally, neither a template nor an autogenerated email. Move one step ahead by including a reply to address as the same person. It’s important to encourage replies so that readers won’t think of your email as a spam.
Keep it simple as one keeps in the personal emails. I have seen companies avoiding email templates and writing emails manually to make it look personal. This could be a better approach, but at last, you are writing emails for your promotion only, so you can’t miss to include the target links to be followed by the readers.

Be a storyteller

For any kind of marketing including blogging, and email campaigns, story telling is the best user engagement way one can think of. Through a story at the beginning itself, you can make sure the reader would invest some precious time reading your email. Off course, the story needs to be relevant to what you’re marketing.

– A new story you send each time creates repeat conversions by drawing in the reader with an enthusiasm to know what’s the story today.
– Keep your story short and simple
– Include the promotion inside the story wisely
– Include a call-to-action in the same flow
– A story does not only mean a typical ‘story’, it can also be a short case study or an infographic.


Earn an email data: Money can’t buy everything

With a hope to kickstart email marketing faster at the very beginning , marketers often buy email data from the different providers. Just purchase the data, import it on Mailchimp, and bombard the emails.

Truth to be told

How many of those recipients are likely to know you?
How many of them are you even aware of?
Most important, were they expecting any email from you?
No, not at all. An email data relevant for one business doesn’t necessarily mean to be relevant for another, even if they are in the same business domain.

What’s wrong with a purchased email data?
– It may not be relevant to your business
– Those recipients might have not even heard about your business
– Chances for ending up in the spam folder are very high
– Even if the email gets opened, it might not be of any use to the recipient.
The simple solution
Do not purchase email data. There are high chances they are being shared without the user’s’ consent, and it’s a breach of their privacy.

Instead, encourage visitors on your website to share their email addresses with you. There are several tools and plugins that can help you in your email data generation from your own website. Here are few examples,

MAILCHIMP WD– It’s a perfect tool for WordPress based website to take a leap in email marketing by converting website visitors into subscribers. MailChimp WD WordPress plugin integrates MailChimp to your WordPress site where you can easily create opt-in as well as opt-out forms to collect the email data. The twist is, it captures the email data from the subscription form and instantly syncs it with your MailChimp email marketing list.

AUTO SUBSCRIBE- MAGENTO EXTENSION – It’s a similar extension like the above one for Magento based websites. With this, you can create Opt-in and Opt-out forms using a large number of templates provided. You can customize the look and feel of the subscription form right from the back office itself. It supports the automatic email data capture from the forms and syncs them directly with your MailChimp as well as Constant Contact email marketing list.

Take a special care of your Call-to-action

Every element of your email draft is extremely important. However, a perfect Call-to-action is the most important element without which email is just an email; not email marketing.
While including a CTA to your email, you must clearly understand your goal first. You may want the recipients to click a link that converts a Landing page, or you may just want to get a reply to your email. Having a clear vision of your goal with your email marketing would help you to create a strong call-to-action, also give your readers a clear idea of where they would land after clciking the CTA button.
I received this email a few days back, it’s regarding a blog post they have made about how to make appealing infographics. Sorry for the bad image, I could only take the screenshot of a small part.

After describing a few points about the content, they have put a clear CTA at the end, which asks me to click if I want to know more about the same. It’s pretty clear and I know that I would be taken to a content post after clicking on the button.

Write Mobile-friendly emails

According to some recent studies about 53 % of emails are browsed on mobile devices.
Like it or not, if your email isn’t mobile friendly, you instantly loose the 53 % conversions. No one likes to receive the emails which even don’t get open properly. The same happens with those who see your email on mobile devices. If you have subscribed to receive updates from Search Engine Watch you would probably know how their emails look on mobile:
Even on my mobile phone, I can read the mail easily. I don’t even need to zoom in. I can scroll through the mail and tap on the CTA button without any hassle.
So, make sure that email client you use is mobile friendly and it produces mobile-friendly templates. MailChimp is one such example of a responsive email client.

Make the images clickable

To make some appealing email templates we generally focus on using attractive images. That’s good, I guess, but a single mistake that most of the email marketers make is not linking the images.
If you are using images in your email, never miss to link them to a supporting content, or you can just use the image itself as your main Call-to-action.
You can take a cue from this email I received last week.
They have used a single image and have added a call to action too, but the twist is there is no separate CTA button. They have used the whole image as a CTA button to take the user to the target page.
Linking the images could be a great option here. Images generally get higher Click-through than the simple hyperlinks or CTA buttons.

Focus on Subject line

This is the last item in out list, but not the least. In fact, it is the most important one here.
When we think about subject lines, we worry the more about ‘how long it should be?’, rather than ‘how relevant and Catchy it is’.
Your email subject line is the gateway to get inside higher conversions through emails. It’s not wise to expect people to understand your words in the email unless you are clear enough in your subject line itself.
Take some time, and develop catchy, relevant, and interesting subject lines. A perfect subject line tells almost everything about your email content in a simple and short phrase.

MailChimp here has a perfect guide to create email subject lines.


Email marketing is a powerful medium for every business. If it has not worked for you lately, you need to change your strategies. Hopefully, following the tips given here, would bring the results you’re looking for.

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