6 Creative Tips to Attract More Visitors and Boost your Business


First thing’s first – before you start blogging and spreading your ideas you need to know how to have your blog up and running and how to write properly.  If you already have some experience with blogging then the whole thing will be easy; however, if you’re a newbie – don’t despair! All you need is some practice writing various topics, so you get the hang of it. It’s also a great idea to read books quite often, so you expand your vocabulary. Depending on the topics you want to write about, you’ll either have to write freely or more conservatively. It’s also recommended that you use colorful words/epithets quite often to make the text even more attractive to read. Once you’ve practiced enough and feel ready to start writing, you’ll need some tips to give you a better start and to ensure that you have enough knowledge about blogging to be consistent and of quality. Here are six creative tips to attract more visitors to your blog and boost your business.

Create great content on a regular basis

The best possible path for this sort of business is to be consistent and unique. Don’t plagiarize other’s work, don’t write every two weeks (try to write one blog post every day or every other day), and don’t write short posts that won’t appeal to your readers. These are just some of the “don’ts” that might seem difficult to follow, but you’ll get the hang of it fairly quickly. Great content is what attracts a crowd and keeps it interested. Try to change the topics a bit; include some flavor as well. Find things to talk about that will interest people and prompt them to engage in the conversation. The more connected you are to your readers, the better off you’ll be. Also, trending topics are a great way to boost your overall popularity, even if you might not like writing about such things. All in all, remember to be unique, be consistent, be creative, and write often!

Promote your content across different platforms

Getting visibility on the Internet when you’re just starting out can be tricky. I owned a blog for some time, and it was pretty hard promoting it. I made a few mistakes, the biggest of which is that I didn’t spend nearly enough time on promoting my blog. I did share my posts on Facebook, but that was it. If you plan on expanding and becoming a popular blog, then this isn’t enough. You’ll need to promote your blog on the biggest social platforms that exist now, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and others. Also, it’s recommended that you share your blog with your friends and ask them to promote you as well. As long as you keep promoting your blog properly, you won’t run out of readers.

Grab visitors interest with different types of media

A blog isn’t a book. You’re allowed to use all the different types of media available. Place a video that is related to your current topic to keep your readers on the blog for longer and to awaken their interest. Use photos to make the blog more appealing. Sounds are not recommended except in a few rare cases so it might be best not to use them. The more “colorful” your blog is, the more interesting it will be to your readers. It’s your job to motivate them to keep reading your posts so don’t write whole blocks of text; it’s difficult on the eyes and, in general, appears boring and uninteresting. Use media!

Add a call-to-action overlay

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are present on almost all websites. You’ve probably run into a website that has a “Call Now!” button on the bottom of the page or something similar. These buttons are dedicated toward providing the reader with a reason to stay on the website. Once clicked, it can take the visitor to another part of the site or directly allow him/her to contact the website staff (depending on what the button does). This is ideal for blogs, and most blogs usually have a “Share now” button. What’s even better than this is the addition of overlays on the bottom or side of a blog. These CTA-overlays almost always feature social media buttons that, once clicked, share the article to a person’s social media profile (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Use this to your advantage and add a CTA overlay that will help people share your thoughts with their friends.

Optimize your blog for search engines

Search engines can’t magically place your blog as the first search result. You need to help them by optimizing your website properly. Use keywords when writing like this helps search engine “snoopers” check the relevance of your blog post to the chosen topic. This is necessary if you want to improve and increase your visibility. When a person types something in the search box, the most relevant pages pop up first. If you optimize your blog in the right way, it will pop up first (although not at the beginning of its existence) on the search results page.


Focus on the mobile experience

Most of your blog readers read the posts on their mobile devices. It’s almost always like this since only a small percentage use their computers to read. This is why it’s incredibly important to optimize your website for mobile devices as well. You can make the blog responsive, so it changes the layout when accessed through a mobile device. Also, make sure to change the layout of your blog for mobile devices, so the entire thing loads a lot faster. Mobile phones are slower, and it takes longer to load a page, especially if it’s filled with media such as photos and videos. Play around with the layout a bit and test it. Once you’re happy with it, let it loose to the world!

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