5 Top Undeniable Reasons WordPress Is Perfect For Marketing


Developers live and breathe code. Designers fuss and fret over every single pixel of a website. Marketers worry about traffic, optimizing websites, conversions, leads, and sales.

For a business owner, however, a website is what it is—it’s there because it has to be there. It helps push your brand reach, enhance brand recall, allow visitors to convert into customers (hopefully, as lifetime loyalists), and finally bring you sales.

Business owners intuitively know that their websites should work like sales machines meeting one of the many requirements their respective businesses have.

Yet, entrepreneurs don’t have the time, knowledge, experience, and the resources to really turn their websites into marketing machines or sales magnets.

That’s where WordPress has a role to play: WordPress websites literally take only minutes to setup and perhaps a day or two to customize themes to your business requirements.

After that, the work involved only has to do with regular maintenance, marketing, content generation, website optimization, A/B testing pages, and more.

In short, WordPress is perfect for marketing your business. It only helps further that it’s popular, used by about 27% of all the website owners in the world, a developer favourite, resource friendly, and extremely customizable.

Here are reasons why WordPress is perfect for Marketing Your Business

Versatility is Key

The way WordPress extends its use today, practically every kind of business can use WordPress. In short, there’s nothing a WordPress website (with or without help) can’t do:

  • Need a basic website to showcase your business, brand, products or services? Check
  • Want to sell products or services? Check
  • Want to launch a membership site, with payment gateways? Check
  • How about a social community site? Check
  • Are you a dentist or a professional who wants customers to book appointments off your website? Check
  • Would you like to run a blog, an online magazine, or a busy multi-authored publication? Check.

The fact that you can virtually do everything with a WordPress website saves you considerable time (and possible headache) just trying to figure out which platform to base your business website on.

Everything Just Connects

Most business apps, business tool, CRM tools, and SaaS applications are all built with WordPress in mind. Either there’s an easy way to connect your WordPress website using JavaScripts or maybe there’s a dedicated plugin.

Thanks to this dedicated product build connected to WordPress, most of what you need to do marketing with WordPress just happens to connect with WordPress.

Then, there are premier tools like Zapier which can still help you bridge your WordPress website to several other tools, plugins, or business apps that you might need.

We personally know business owners who had to pay for external help paying thousands of dollars just to connect their websites with their landing pages or their CRM tools.

Waste no time on Setup. Just Focus on marketing

It’s ridiculous when we often see some of our customers tell us that it took them about 3-6 months to launch their website.

From a strict marketing standpoint, way too much time is wasted on “design” and “customization” when small business owners look for help with setting up their WordPress sites.

With thousands of themes and plugins available in the market today and with the famous 3-minute install that almost every web host provides, the average time to setup and run your WordPress website should be less than 24 hours.

The only reason it might take more time than that is when you need customization of any sort.

Available themes help you with design (Just click and activate) and various plugins allow for extended functionality.

Don’t get hung up on anything like attention to detail, custom functionality, and code. You can always work on these “after” your website is setup and running.

The focus should be on marketing your website and not on how it looks like.

Want Speed? Throttle All You Want

WordPress is an open source CMS and it’s the self-hosted version of WordPress you’d be considering for your business. In essence, it’s up to you to choose the right hosting platform for your WordPress business website.

The average business owner, however, does the usual mistake of going with any “shared” hosting.

There’s only one problem with shared hosting: Most of the shared hosting platforms aren’t optimized for security and speed.

According to surveys by Akamai and Gomez , nearly 50% of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less. Your web users get bad UX/UI experience and nearly abandon a website that doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

If you sell products or services on your website, more than 79% of web shoppers don’t even return again and at least 44% of them would let the world know how slow your website is.

If you have a web hosting platform that makes your website slow to load, it’d be disastrous for any marketing efforts that you’d do.

With several options available for managed WordPress Hosting today, you have no excuses to make your WordPress website load faster while keeping your website secure, and hacker proof.

Build Your Own Marketing Tech Stack

With digital marketing, you have a few basics that you’d need to put into effect: blogging, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, and more. Take a look at a basic technology stack you’d need for marketing your business.

  • Blogging: You’d need tools for creating posts, editing posts, creating content calendars, and scheduling posts
  • Social Media: Social buttons on every post along with the ability to add social share buttons on any page or post you need (like product pages).
  • Email Marketing: Ability to create and setup “opt in forms” for building your email lists, a way for you check on the performance of those opt in forms, and also do A/B testing for your forms.
  • Other Design & Marketing requirements: Depending on your business, you’d need other features such as a way for you to create membership sites, accept payments, create online courses, display podcast episodes, and more.
  • Required Marketing Needs: While doing marketing, you’d also need landing pages (connected to your domain), auto responders, lead nurturing sequences, sales funnels, and more.
  • A/B testing pages: For better marketing, it’d help if you have a way to test every page of your website, your landing pages, etc.
  • Integrations, Tracking, analytics: Every website built for business would need a way to easily integrate with other tools, CRM systems, analytics tools, and more.

Guess what? WordPress allows you to stack up other tools you’d use for your digital marketing on top of your basic WordPress. Using plugins and/or pieces of JavaScript code, you can literally integrate with absolutely any tool or service you’d need.
Millions of business owners; a community of designers, developers, and small businesses that depend on WordPress; a fanatic global community of passionate WordPress aficionados – all those people can’t be wrong, can they?

If you have a business of any kind, consider WordPress (If you don’t already).

We know enough businesses just go through endless pain just because they were told that there are better choices than WordPress. There isn’t any. We checked.

How does your WordPress website help you with marketing? Tell us about it.

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