11 Ways WordPress Can Increase Your Productivity


WordPress is a content management system that has been helping businesses around the world to increase their productivity and profits since 2003. It is by far the favorite CMS among businesses today, with well over 75 million sites using it to publishing original content. WordPress, as a content management system, can improve a user’s content generation workflow, and simply make their life much easier in several ways.

WordPress is Open Source

First, and probably most important for businesses just getting started, WordPress is open source and free. You can literally download it right now for no price at all. Other content management systems can be very costly for a business that hasn’t made any sales yet, but not WordPress. It is accessible and open to everyone.

WordPress Automates Customer Interactions

WordPress connects the user to the world. It creates a home for customers from all over the internet to come and visit. This is very important to a business trying to get the word out or to sell a product or service. WordPress makes it fast and simple to create a professional looking website that allows potential customers to find you no matter where they are.

WordPress Can Be Used on Mobile Devices

WordPress is mobile friendly. Today, more than ever, people are living their lives on their phone. A simple trip to any active area will produce a sea of people walking around or sitting with their faces in their smartphones. Gone are the days when people had to be sitting in front of a big computer in order to shop online. That’s why it is vital that a business website is mobile friendly because that’s where a big chunk of the people is doing its research now. A site that is not mobile friendly has already cut out a large share of their potential market, which is why WordPress being mobile, is essential to productivity.

WordPress Builds a Community

WordPress creates a community for the user to share with the world. In this new age of technology, it is important for people to feel connected to a brand. They want to know the brand cares about them and that it will hear and listen to their opinions and problems. WordPress allows the user to create a community for its customers to voice their issues and give testimonials which serve as a method to build overall brand loyalty. The trust built by maintaining this community results in future revenues and profits for the company, increasing overall productivity.

Creating Content on WordPress is Fast and Simple

WordPress allows the user to create fast and easy content. The more content put out by the user, the more brand loyalty they can build with their potential customers. With WordPress, the user can very easily make blogs, keeping their customer base up to date on new sales and services in real time. It also serves as a gateway to all other social media the user may have created for their business so that customers can stay connected and share the company’s posts with everyone they know. This social web of connection and sharing can increase productivity by providing access to potential customers that they otherwise would not have had access to.

Selling Products through WordPress is Easy

WordPress can sell the products and services for the user. WordPress makes it extremely easy to build a site with the capability of selling your items and/or services directly to your visitors. The user can simply download and install one of several free e-commerce plugins, which can have your items online and ready for checkout in minutes. Simply upload pictures of the items if desired, write a description, fill in the price, and post the item. If so desired, the user may even download pre-designed templates. This gives the user a shopping mall open to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

WordPress Can Help you Manage your Business

WordPress can keep the user organized. Running a business requires a lot of little details. Among the most important is keeping records. WordPress can make this easy. From managing all online orders for you to keeping track of your current inventory and letting you know when it is time to restock, WordPress can make the managing businesses from the back end much easier for the user. Through the use of the right plugins, WordPress can keep track of even the smallest of details for the user, including outstanding invoices that have been partially paid, which can usually prove a nightmare for small businesses.

WordPress Helps Automate Customer Retention

WordPress can connect the user to its customers. WordPress doesn’t just allow customers to connect with the user, it also can serve as an avenue to work the opposite way. WordPress has easy to install plugins that will allow the user to collect the information of all users that visit the site. It puts this information into a well-organized database that can allow both the user and the visitor to see past purchases and contact information. The user can then use this information to create mailing lists to keep in contact with visitors, letting them know about anything new going on, or even incentivizing them to make purchases through coupons and sales.

WordPress Can Fit Your Business

WordPress is extremely customizable. Building a site the way you want it can feel like a difficult and confusing task, but WordPress has spent years simplifying this process for its users. Through constant updates, plugins, and widgets, WordPress has created a platform that makes creating the image you want to present to the world fast and easy. This means the user can spend less time tweaking and more time selling.

WordPress Will Work with Your Infrastructure

WordPress is flexible. WordPress works with every server. This means that if your current web hosting provider is experiencing lots of technical difficulties, and you feel that this is hurting your overall productivity, then you can very easily just switch to a better one. WordPress makes this process painless, allowing you to spend less time on the technicalities and more time being productive.

WordPress Keeps You Focused

Finally, WordPress keeps the user focused. In business, it can be easy to get lost in the mix of different aspects and tasks that come with running a company or selling a product. Sometimes the overall message or mission can become lost. This can be devastating for a business because, without a clear understanding of what a business is, it becomes very difficult to reach out to customers and build brand loyalty, not to mention inspire workers to do their best every day. Creating a website forces the user to really narrow down what their goals and missions are in order to create a site that gets that message across to the public.

A website can be considered a piece of art that reflects a business’s ideas to the rest of the world, and WordPress is the versatile, affordable, master canvas on which the user can express it.

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