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How To Make Your WordPress a Powerful Lead Generation Machine

You don’t just need a website today. Let’s be honest, it would not take you more than a day to have a perfectly functioning, awesome looking website. At most, it’d take about 24-hours maximum. You have a long list of Do-It-Yourself website building tools available if you prefer the drag-and-drop variety. Even better, you ...

Posted By Ash

How to Set Up Google Analytics on WordPress

Google Analytics is a free tool that lets you track your website performance and see how your visitors interact with it. Anyone with a Google account can set up a Google Analytics for his/her website by signing in right here . It’s a valuable tool for website owners and bloggers, allowing them to ...

Posted By Gayane

7 Things You Didn’t Know WordPress Could Do

You know WordPress is versatile. Big name companies and individuals — with many more use cases in between — use WordPress. But just how versatile is it? What is it that WordPress can do that you didn’t think of yet? Or maybe you did know that WordPress does a lot but you just didn’t ...

Posted By Ash

5 Top Undeniable Reasons WordPress Is Perfect For Marketing

Developers live and breathe code. Designers fuss and fret over every single pixel of a website. Marketers worry about traffic, optimizing websites, conversions, leads, and sales. For a business owner, however, a website is what it is—it’s there because it has to be there. It helps push your brand reach, enhance brand recall, allow ...

Posted By Ash

8 Ways WordPress Can Help You Boost Conversions

WordPress is the biggest, most popular and most versatile CMS. According to Reviews Squirrel WordPress now powers about 26% of the web with about 1.1 million domains registered every 6 months to host WordPress sites alone. Among CMS platforms alone, WordPress powers the majority of 59.4% market share while opening doors to countless web ...

Posted By webBlog
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