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8 Tips to Market Your WordPress Website in 2017

Creating an awe inspiring WordPress site is one thing but to actually make it visible and drive traffic to it is a whole other chapter. Why spending countless hours designing the perfect website if no one will see it? Sure, your website should follow high-standards and be as professional as possible, but you should ...

Posted By webBlog

How To Secure Your WordPress Login Page?

While WordPress is a secure and robust CMS, it is also your responsibility to undertake basic security measures to safeguard your website. One such measure is to prevent unauthorized access to your WordPress admin panel. And as you might be already aware, to prevent access to WP admin panel, you need to bulletproof and ...

Posted By Sufyan

6 Creative Tips to Attract More Visitors and Boost your Business

First thing’s first – before you start blogging and spreading your ideas you need to know how to have your blog up and running and how to write properly.  If you already have some experience with blogging then the whole thing will be easy; however, if you’re a newbie – don’t despair! All you ...

Posted By Vincent
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