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10 WordPress Plugins to Help You Run a Modern Blog

Modern day blogging significantly differs from the blogging we had like 10 or even 5 years ago. It has not only changed in terms of the technology and tools we use to run a blog,but also in terms of how people interact with them now. Blogs that we have today are so much more ...

Posted By Gayane

Medium vs WordPress for Bloggers and Writers: Which Tool is Better?

If you are a writer or a blogger wanting to get your voice heard out there, there is no shortage of online platforms for you. You can easily get online and start a blog in less than a few minutes. If you do not wish to go the self-hosted route, you can rely on ...

Posted By Sufyan

Top WordPress Plugins to Take Your Blog To a Whole New Level In 2017

Every year we see major changes in web development, technologies, web design and UX, and if you look from a wider perspective things just don’t ever stay still on the web. The only thing that you can do to stay up to date on the web is following those trends and trying to catch ...

Posted By Gayane
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