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Best Online Free Image Resources

If you are a website designer, developer or blogger you are certainly always in search for quality free image resources. Just like me!

It’s always fine to save designer’s time and some bucks when you can get quality images for free.

Below I share the coolest websites, where you can find free images.


This is certainly one of my most liked websites where you can find tons of free high quality images. Here you can find free icons, PSD files, vectors, creative illustrations and photos (I’m really in love with their super illustrations). All the images are categorized, so you can reach the desired ones fast and easy.

But there is one detail that you should take into consideration while deciding to use freepik images: most of them require attribution to the author for commercial use. So please always read the license agreement while taking certain photos.


This is probably the greatest source for getting free images without even giving attribution in return. There are over 360,000 free photos, vectors and art illustrations which you can use both for personal and commercial purposes. It has also an impressive image search: you can filter the search results for image type, color, orientation and category.


StockSnap is another great source of high resolution free images. The hundreds of images that are added every week all are free from copyright restrictions and no attribution is required. The website also has a feature to track downloads and views, so it becomes easier for you to find the most popular photos. Though StockSnap is a cool source for photos, you can hardly find illustrations, vectors and icons there. So for these resources StockSnap won’t work for you, at least for now.

Foodie’s Feed

If you need high resolution photos of any type of food, then this website is just created for you. You can find here variety of delicious food photos for free. You can use the photos for both personal and business purposes. I think this will be very helpful website for food website designers and bloggers. There are also designed thematic packages, where you’ll find photos of the same nature, like fruit package, hamburger package, coffee package, etc.


Pexels is a great solution for getting CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) licensed photos. It works like a small search engine which picks up free photos from different websites. You can copy, modify and distribute photos for personal and commercial purposes. Really cool, isn’t it? Now you can just enter, browse categories, choose the photos you like and use for any purpose.

To summarise, I just want to remind you that you should always read the license agreement of the image before using it. The same also concerns to the websites that I have enlisted here because by time they may change their copyright policies and you need to always check it before using.

These are just some of those great websites where you can find free images, if you know some other sources I’d really appreciate if you could take some time and share them in the comments.

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