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Using the Rule of Thirds in Web Design

The rule of thirds is most commonly associated with photography, but it also applies in web design if you want a professional website that is pleasing to end users. The rule of thirds is a very basic concept and easy to understand, so it is worth the time for you to see if you ...


12 Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful WordPress Website

Whether you’re running a multinational billion-dollar business, or you just like to blog about your favorite hobby, odds are WordPress is your online platform of choice, thanks to its flexibility, huge community support forums, and the fact that it’s free and open source. If you’re one of the 75 million proud owners of a ...


10 Benefits of Self-hosted Portfolio Website

As a personal branding tool, you can impress recruiters by creating your own online portfolio. For a designer is a mantra to present work online in such a competitive industry. Every online tool you use in order to get your name out there will pay off in job seeking process. The best way to ...

Posted By Viktor Vincej

How to Make Your WordPress Website SEO Friendly

Whether you’ve been managing an existing website on the WordPress platform for years or are preparing to launch a brand new site, you must be aware that one of the most critical components affecting the long-term success of your website is its search engine rankings. Particularly when running a business website, targeted search engine ...


Patching WordPress Security Holes

For any business with a modern outlook and an online presence, a premium site such as is offered by WordPress is a must. It makes a business look professional with the use of high-quality WordPress themes, increases traffic and helps to spread the word. Unfortunately, having a WordPress site brings with it a plethora ...

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