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6 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks of 2017

JavaScript frameworks continue to receive intense development and upgrades, including major updates in Angular and the official release of Angular 2. Node continues to receive improvements through updates and jQuery witnesses an overwhelming usage in up to 96.5 percent sites. JavaScript remains a highly rated programming language encompassing tremendous potential due to deployment on ...

Posted By Asad

5 Best Tools to Create a Custom Logo for Your WordPress Website

Most WordPress themes support uploading a custom logo. Custom logos help build your brand identity and make your website stand out. You want to have a custom logo for your WordPress website, but do not spend a hell of money on hiring a professional designer ? Or you don’t have advanced graphic skills? Here in this ...

Posted By Sophia

5 Unusual Trends to Spice up Your Website Design

At the present time, we are leaving in a fast developing world. Every day, the huge number of brand-new devices are invented. And the marketers are trying to sell them to us. Moreover, modern magazines and fashion blogs tell us what to eat, wear, buy, and how to look. As a result, a big ...

Posted By Helen Gilbert

What is AMP and How it Affects Your Site Speed

Speed matters a lot on the web. It is common knowledge that if your website is slow , you will lose visitors.That being said, you should never miss out an opportunity to speed up your website. While there are a lot of methods and steps to boost your website’s speed, there is one such ...

Posted By Sufyan

7 Ultimate Prototyping Tools for Modern Web Developers

The range of web tools that are available today can help with a variety of options on different design initiatives you decide to embark on at any time. You can access ready help on building a website, designing a logo or starting off a blog. When you have access to prototyping tools, you can ...

Posted By Eliza Rafle
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