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9 Tips to Speed up WordPress Website Performance

Even from the early days of the internet, website performance – especially loading time – has been the subject of study as evidenced by the study conducted by Jakob Nielsen in 1993 establishing website performance as a key metric for success. This highlights the importance of website performance in engaging with the target audience ...


Best UX Practices for Mobile eCommerce Checkouts

Latest research in eCommerce checkout processing reports that up to 68% of buyers abandon their cart before reaching the payment page, a scary number if we look at how big of a difference it would make if only 1% of the abandoned cart numbers declined, even scarier when we think in terms of 5% ...

Posted By Alex Ivanovs

Do You Make These 12 Simple Mistakes In WordPress?

Author James Joyce once said mistakes are the portals of discovery. Oscar Wilde equated mistakes to experience. Experience is perhaps the best teacher, and the difference between success and failure can be learning from those mistakes and moving forward in a more positive direction. Fortunately, we often have the opportunity to learn from the ...


Simple Solutions to Enhance your WordPress Website

We all know that content for a blog is important, but the look and function of a blog – the pragmatic facets – are just as important. Every website can be improved, and performing that improvement does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. One of the prime ideas behind WordPress is that you ...


12 Web Design Tips to Help You Achieve Success

All web designers want to guarantee that visitors will have a long stay on their site, peruse its contents and, if applicable, purchase the products the site promotes. What methods and approaches in web design best ensure this outcome? Below are 12 tips that will help you achieve web design success in 2016. 1. Start ...

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