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Awesome New Word Press Form Maker Add-Ons

Web-Dorado is announcing the launch of four new add-ons for WordPress Form Maker plugin. Meet PDF Integration, User registration, MailChimp and Post Generation add-ons. Form Maker Pro users are now able to send submitted forms in PDF format both to users and administrators when using Form Maker Pro plugin. Options of this add-on include ...

Posted By Gregor

WordPress Instagram Feed WD API Update

Web-Dorado is proud to announce about WordPress Instagram Feed WD plugin successfully going through the review process of Instagram and receiving the positive confirmation of the new API. For instance, all WordPress Instagram plugin users in the community will be required to update their plugins (if plugin developers receive approval from Instagram) to get ...

Posted By Gregor

Everything You Need To Know About WordPress 4.5

Less than a week left till the target date for the official release of WordPress 4.5 that is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12. Contributing developer, Mike Schroder is the release lead and core committer at the team. He is being assisted by two other release deputies, Mel Choyce, and Adam Silverstein. There are some ...

Posted By Gregor

Catch The Latest WordPress Event Calendar WD Updates

We have listed in this post some cool new features that have been implemented in the latest version of Event Calendar WD. Check them out and tune up your calendar right away! I’ll start with 12th add-on that was welcomed to the big family of ECWD add-ons. It is named WordPress Event Calendar Subscribe ...

Posted By Gregor

Meet WordPress Form Maker Stripe Add-On

Form Maker Stripe Add-On enables Form Maker plugin admins to accept payments using Stripe technology. The add-on will connect with administrator’s Stripe account and allow them to receive payments over the Internet. It is a simple integration with Form Maker that enables form submitters to pay via Stripe when filling forms as well as ...

Posted By Gregor
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