The 3 Best WordPress Slider Plugins Compared

Sliders are great additions to a WordPress site, but some WordPress sliders can be slow; their responsiveness can be less than ideal. If it isn’t properly coded, a slider can markedly increase a page’s load time. Other WordPress sliders lack ease of use and are difficult to adapt to using for beginners or intermediate ...


Pump Up Your Sales with these 10 Amazing WordPress Plugins

Online business owners often struggle with optimizing their website in a manner that translates effectively to the bottom line. It’s important to make an occasional assessment of your online presence and ask if your site is doing everything it can to attract new customers, bring in returning customers, capture new leads, and boost sales. ...


Do You Make These 12 Simple Mistakes In WordPress?

Author James Joyce once said mistakes are the portals of discovery. Oscar Wilde equated mistakes to experience. Experience is perhaps the best teacher, and the difference between success and failure can be learning from those mistakes and moving forward in a more positive direction. Fortunately, we often have the opportunity to learn from the ...


The 10 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins Compared

It is important for a successful web presence to offer the target audience a simple yet effective tool with which to communicate. A contact form is such a tool that offers an air of professionalism while allowing you to gather valuable feedback, entertain queries, help identify issues and provide a platform for support. Although ...


6 Great Alternatives to Popular WordPress Premium Plugins

If you’re looking for the very best enhancements for your WordPress site, is it necessary to put up with the extra expense of premium plugins? You might be surprised to find that there are many comparable free plugins that will get the job done and save you money. Let’s take a look at some ...

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