WordPress Event Calendar Tickets Are Live Now


Web-Dorado has announced the launch of WordPress Event Calendar Tickets add-on. This long-expected add-on that is integrated with WooCommerce is a great tool for selling online tickets.

Event Calendar ‘Tickets’ add-on fully extends the functionality of Event Calendar WD plugin. It allows not only selling online tickets of events featured on Event Calendar plugin, but brings anticipation for WordPress Calendar events.

This simple and easy operated add-on allows attendees or other users to buy and detect availability of online tickets, while site administrators are able to check-in ticket status.

The great thing about this add-on is that synchronization of event tickets with WooCommerce products is automated. It saves a lot of time, literally. I really enjoyed seeing how in a quick and simple manner I was able to add an event with a ticket. This add-on automatically adds the event in WooCommerce with ‘Ticket’ tag. No additional configuration is needed. This means that event holders will avoid re-creation of events.

Users are able to set a price for tickets, add categories, tags. They can add starting and ending dates of sales, include statuses, description and some additional information. The integration allows using all features of WooCommerce plugin.

Besides granting users with options to add titles and description for a ticket, Event Calendar add-on allows to set a stocking number of tickets and campaigns and set unique identifying code for each ticket type (SKU).

The payment is processed by PayPal, which is accessible with the free version of WooCommerce. Although users still have alternatives and can upgrade and choose payment gateways from the list of WooCommerce Extensions.

And the last great thing about this add-on that I really enjoyed is the option of receiving email notifications. The email notifies clients about the purchased ticket and includes a QR code and security number. Users are able to print their unique details and bring this to an event for checking-in.

Tickets add-on is in the library of Event Calendar WD add-ons that also include 10 other add-ons, counting 2 calendar integrations for Google Calendar and iCal, Facebook Integration add-on, allowing to import events from Facebook to a Calendar plugin, Event Filter add-on, Countdown add-on, Upcoming Events add-on and some more.

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