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Dealing with large companies and organizations is never easy. Yet at the end of the day anyone’s aim is to tackle a bigger client. Although, this overwhelming process can be quite intimidating, in this blog post I am going to cover some key aspects about catching bigger clients in WordPress industry. Nevertheless that’s a quite big subject to speak about and mention all stands of Public Relations, management and SEO. This board requires higher skills in all aspects that spread all over your brand, demands skillful management of resources and enormous administration.

Every business is trying to find a bigger pan, willing to do much more that they used to do. There are couples of key factors I will surely mention in the upcoming articles, such as how to adopt your new project in the business or make reinvasion, proactively change what is already popular and use resources in the best way possible. But today I am going to speak about the 3 main elements of a success of any business by answering to these questions: what is your reputation among customers, how they find and contact you and how to present the best of you and your company on different stages. These actionable takeaways can successfully be implemented whether your business is a startup or a long-term trade.

Customer Feedback

The guiding start to a brilliant performance of your website is customer’s feedback. By developing buyer-seller relationships in all areas of your business you will succeed in an examination of the nature of trust in buyer-seller correlation. This is an area you want to stick to and perfectionate. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, blogger and writer, entrepreneur, developer working with affiliate market and etc. – rule is simple for everyone: you want your customers to share their experience and association with you in the best way possible. After that you have to demonstrate the positive feedback on different platforms. The list can vary, whether it is a page with best websites and your customers who built them using your products, sharing their experience on how the product has been used. Another option is to ask customers to share their experience in popular stages. In case of WordPress and Joomla it is the review page you want your feedback to be posted on. Despite the fact if it is a big company that is hiring you or a regular customer who is using one of your products, involve all methods to ask to share their experience: email notifications and reminders (in this case don’t forget to offer something in return), social networks, personal messages, such as videos on YouTube, talks and interviews with big names on meet-ups, including WordPress yearly conferences and couple of more I will mention down below. The list can vary depending of the origin of your company. Have always in mind the fact that you want to serve your customers and provide the best experience ever.

Another best option to conduct a customer feedback is to use analytical insights, whether these are polls on your or third party website or personal mail correspondence with each and every customer. And you want to reward your clients in this case as well. The perfect credibility will allow new customers to define your brand and experience online and offline purchases from directed approach or peer-recommended sources.

Don’t forget the fact that some customers are not going to buy your products, even if you are a high-rated 5 star seller on different websites. Such customers do like to ask around and search for more independent opinions. For this issue comes the second aspect of building WordPress brand that we want to speak about.

Your reputation among others

You also would want to have a great reputation among independent publishers as well. This would be the second aspect of building successful WordPress brand. Gather more independent minds on their party platforms, offer freebies and invite to join to your affiliate or other beneficial programs. Share their experience online.

How to collect a big volume of reviews then? The answer is simple: ask for it!

A lot of businesses lack to ask their customers to share their feedback, not to mention a strategy to have customer relationship management (CRM) systems as their priority.

Post purchase feedback on your website with a proper discount; ask if there is anything else that you could do. This is true for those who visited or emailed you once and never came back. Such disloyal customers never return in 70% of cases. Why? Because they never found a proper solution for their inquiry, and the bad thing is that these numbers go even high when they stick with another brand after unsatisfied service on first platform. I will certainly speak in one of my upcoming blogs about the case on how to satisfy more ‘difficult’ customers and increase customer service satisfaction. I also want to emphasize the fact of the need to go back to difficult customers who are in your pending list and offer something great to be back to your platforms. In this case, don’t forget to entice the buyer and give something in return. For example, add a reward system to your website by which your customers will earn bonuses and extra points when coming back to your site, sharing their review, making purchase for the second time, subscribing to newsletters, following on social media and extending support service.

Testimonial page

Don’t estimate the fact that comments and reviews make your page ranks dynamic. Such pages are being viewed favorably by search engines. And a higher ranking leads will mean more traffic, in this case a higher traffic means more leads and conversion. For this term more conversion will mean more ratings. This cycle will continue.

Portfolio of work

Professional looking, modern and perfectly presented portfolio of works is a must have. Whether you are a single developer or quite a big company with a team with some income, demonstrate the best of you in a great manner. There are 2 options of this. First one is to have a perfect demo of your products and the second is a page or a post of your previously created works, which is called portfolio.

This can include catchy and clear screenshots, links to the sites that are live, overview about client’s business and a note about cooperation or a case, video tutorials, comments from well-known clients of the industry and partner’s feedback.

This will attract larger businesses when viewing your company in the list of potential clients. Profitable clients normally spend a budget; you want to be interested in outcome. Larger clients will also allow companies to focus on fewer projects and concentrate creative ideas on one side, which will bring way better quality as well.

Contact Us Page

Make it super easy and clear on how to contact with you. Contact us or Support pages can be quite tricky and make angry some clients. This is true especially for big businesses who dare to use robotic support answers. This is never a good idea. In most of the cases client turns away.

In options on how to get in touch with you add a simple page allowing to drop a line with a question, make sure that you or your team members are able to get in touch with the client as soon as possible. Bigger always means higher – so in this case if you want to reach more serious numbers and goals. Telephones and maps are important, although this vary depending on services you provide. At least provide a phone number on your business page or LinkedIn Pro account. Avoid cold calling and add some value, nobody will benefit from cold callings, this can also be implemented in support service answers, whether you are answering your clients by phone or by mail you never want to leave robotic and mechanical replies.

How to add value in this case and go personal with your client base?

There are couple of steps you want to take into consideration.

  1. Show them who you are. The most easy and simple way to demonstrate the team behind the brand is to bring employees on your website. This could be a simple ‘About Us’ page, with images of your team and short descriptions about each and every member. You may want to add a bio to some of leading members of your team too. This page can redirect or have social network buttons as well, most importantly a LinkedIn button and a Twitter account. These two are clearly at the top of the ranks regarding business inquiries.
  2. Number two is to meet your clients in person. A lot of big brands put designers, developers and even CEO team members into pressure to meet with their clients in person. As much as it is possible and achievable. For this case WordCamp/WordPress Meetups are the best way to catch up with your client base. Whether they are the ones who already cooperate with your brand or those who are just interested. We are not going to cover about technical aspects and PR on how to organize and attract more people on such meetups in this article , but will definitely speak in one of our next blogs. Take part in other meetups whether they are connected with marketing, IT or programming.

These three areas will fundamentally change your brand and take your company into a new level. Reach your clients via all mentioned opportunities. Satisfied clients are always eager to share their experiences with friends and acquaintances and this will play a major role in conversion rates.

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