The Best WordPress Plugins for Marketing


Marketers operating on the WordPress platform understand that finding just the right plugins and widgets is key to taking the business to the next level. Savvy web-based business owners spend a good amount of time planning an effective content marketing strategy, and increasing conversions can be as simple as finding the right tools. Let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress plugins for marketing.

Form Builder

An important step to marketing is capturing user details from your website. This highly responsive tool allows you to create forms with any number of a variety of form fields. Fields may be arranged in any order and activated or deactivated as needed. You can use the CSS files of themes for design, applying color changes, dimensions, and more.

Captcha and ReCaptcha verifications are available, as is the ability to block certain IPs. Integrated Google maps allow you to display your location. You can set up the contact form to allow users to receive custom texts and/or email copies of their submissions. 10 default templates are included, and multiple languages are supported.

A premium version with valuable additional features is available that supports 1 domain for 6 months for $15, or get support for up to 3 domains for 1 year for $25.


Readers will decide very quickly whether or not to read your blog posts simply by reading the title. It is the title that will set the reader’s expectations, and if that title just doesn’t grab their interest, they will move on to the next thing without a moment’s hesitation.

Typically when it comes to writing titles, most people just trust their instincts rather than undertaking A/B testing to see which title is most effective. Now you can do A/B testing effortlessly, with Title Experiments. Title Experiments will post your blog with different titles and keep the highest performing one automatically. There’s no effort whatsoever required on your part, beyond writing the titles, of course. Just install the plugin, write multiple titles, and Title Experiment will do the weeding out to ensure users see only the best performer.

Email Marketing by Drip

Email Marketing by Drip is a simple and convenient way to get started with email marketing on WordPress. It’s one of the most popular email marketing automation tools available and for good reason. You can set it up in less than 5 minutes and you’re ready to collect email addresses and send messages to prospects based on their activity on your site.

Email Marketing by Drip will trim your subscriber lists when customers no longer engage with you, ensuring you always have high-quality leads. It also calculates the lead score, ensuring you track leads most likely to convert to sales. This plugin easily integrates with payment gateways, shopping carts, CRM systems, and more. Plans start at $49 a month for up to 2,000 subscribers.


A key element of successful marketing is understanding leads behavior and what is bringing them back to your site. This plugin monitors site traffic, notifies you in real time when a lead returns, and sends you daily lead summary emails. You can also determine who is clicking as a result of email, helping you better understand the effectiveness of those campaigns. You can download the free version, or choose the pro version with enhanced features at $99 a month here.

Google Analytics WD

This user-friendly all-in-one plugin allows you to manage and monitor website analytics directly from the WordPress dashboard. You can check traffic on any site associated with your account and easily switch between reports for multiple sites.

The page overview features lets you see traffic within any date range, and you can see in-depth reporting of demographics, interests, audience, and more. View reports the way you prefer; line, pie, or column, and you can export reports to CSV, PDF, and email. Set up filters with a few easy steps, such as excluding certain IP address, countries, or regions.

The plugin also features a mobile-friendly layout, assuring a flawless rendering on any device. There is a free version of this plugin available or a pro version with added features. Download here.


When your site contains outgoing links to spammy sites or you use spammy keywords, it can negatively impact your search engine’s ranking. LinkPatrol helps you get a handle on links users may post to your site without the painstaking effort of checking each link yourself. This plugin not only ensures the integrity of your site, it protects your users from wandering inadvertently into dangerous territory – something they will appreciate. A license for one site costs a one-time fee of just $50 and is available here.

W3 Total Cache

Designed to improve the user experience and lower page loading times, W3 Total Cache is the choice of heavyweights like AT&T and Mashable. It’s designed to increase server performance, reduce download times, and provide transparent content delivery network integration. You’ll see a minimum of 10x improved performance, quicker page rendering, and up to 80% bandwidth savings thanks to HTTP compression of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and feeds. Learn more and download here.

Floating Social Bar

Social media share buttons are a must, but they can bog down your site’s performance. Floating Social Bar gives you social media visibility without impacting speed. This lightweight plugin includes buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Scripts are only loaded when the user hovers over the button, meaning the user experiences the same speeds with the Floating Social Bar as they would without any social media plugins. An easy drag-and-drop feature lets you display the buttons where you want, and control the order in which they display. Get this free plugin here.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

When a user has finished reading an article, making related articles visible to them can reduce bounce and improve conversion. YARPP displays pages, posts, and custom post types related to what the user is viewing either beneath article or in a sidebar. The Pro version of YARPP allows site owners to generate money by displaying sponsored content, or promote your products or services on thousands of other websites. Get YARPP here.

inSite by Duda: Personalization Made Easy

This personalization tool allows you personalize user content and deliver targeted messages quickly and easily to every visitor. Pre-determined trigger points such as time, location, or number of previous visits automatically change the content to what is most engaging for each particular user. Content is personalized in popups, the notification bar, and more. It can be used for things like greeting a first time user with a coupon, a sale popup, or adding holiday-themed goodies to your sites like snowflakes at Christmas time, or hearts on Valentine’s Day. This free plugin can be downloaded here.

You already know all the advantages of web marketing. Just as critical is finding the right tools to do the job effectively. There are 10 great options here covering everything from analytics to forms, social media to personalization, and performance to tracking. Many of these plugins are free of charge, and many offer enhanced pro versions. Try some out today and begin taking your business to the next level.

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