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Web-Dorado is proud to launch a new WordPress maps plugin called Google Maps WD. This is a contemporary, simple to use, extensive WordPress map plugin, designed with advanced functionality, unique options that are available in this plugin only. The plugin is responsive and user-friendly and claimed to bring a massive contribution to the community.

In this article we are going to discover the major faceds of Google Maps WD plugin, that come both in Free and Professional versions, available in directory as well as

So without further ado, let’s jump to the main parameters and get closer look to specific functions of this tool.

First things first – Google Maps WD allows to create interactive maps in minutes. Create either one or multiple intuitive maps with no limits both in Free and Pro versions, include markers, store locators, layers, listings, directions; use default themes or create a custom one as well as select areas using overlays or shapes as polygons, polylines, circles and rectangles.

Besides the fact that you can add Maps WD anywhere on your WordPress site using its shortcode, it includes unlimited custom icon solutions, multiple marker categories, options to draw area markers; road layers and directions; store locator with bunch of options for customization, export/import function and more. As you can see the development team behind this plugin did not hesitate to create an awesome product for the community and contributed this cool tool with massive baggage of functionality.

So let me start one by one and explain what each and every function of Google Maps WD does and what you can achieve with it.

Simple And Intuitive Backend

You will be able to work with Google Maps WD as soon as the installation is completed. After plugin installation a quick account setup assistant will help users to create the first map in minutes and get started on the dashboard. The plugin also displays tooltips for beginners on mouseover in the whole admin area and settings. Besides that all working area includes full live previews before publishing and saving maps. This proves how user-friendly the plugin is both for geeks and especially beginners.

Unlimited Maps And Readymade Markers

The second valuable point of this plugin is that it allows both on Free and Pro versions of the plugin to add unlimited number of maps with unlimited retina-ready map marker icons. The maps can appear on any post or page and on any widget area. The plugin comes with some 50+ readymade markers in different shapes and styles, as well as allow to edit them with live logo editor, using the color picker. You may animate these markers, to command more attention. Additionally when visitors click on one of the markers, a small pop-up can displays additional information about the business with an image of the location, links and more info that can be customized in plugin options.

Multilevel Marker Categories

With the solution of unlimited marker categories the plugin allows to add multilevel markers. Simply drag map markers to an exact location. These markers can include parent categories too. This solution will help to sort locations and markers on them more easily, whether it is a marker for sale, rent, campaign or something else. Plus, developers claim to launch a solution for maps with a massive number of markers; the solution will be the Google’s marker clustering. Maps with rather large number of locations and markers will help to be clustered in order to avoid visual overload and sluggish interaction with the map at different zoom levels. Speaking about zoom levels, the plugin helps fully control over an extensive set of default map options, including zoom levels of a map and street views.

Advanced Map Shapes

In order to draw visitor’s attention to a specific area of your map, Google Maps WD lets you to add colorful map layers and shapes. The plugin comes with 4 shapes including rectangles, circles, polygons and polyline. The first 2 are pretty much exclusive to this plugin and you will hardly find in most of other Maps plugins. With just right clicks on your maps you will be able to locate, draw and highlight your location using these shapes. Besides that, you may highlight and indicate specific areas or show different landscapes by using the advanced options for coloring and changing transparency of these map, adjusting the line and shape width.

Store Locator

Another major feature of the plugin is the store locator. Besides the simple option that allows to set a store locator with a map and a field of address line, that can be filled with an address and detect the location on the map automatically using Google Autofill function. You can use the search function based on marker category as well and limit the search by radius too. Shall I mention that unlike some of other plugins, the store locator is available in Free version of Google Maps WD.

Location Listing

Besides the store locator feature and its advanced functionality, the plugin includes solutions for categorizing and listing your locations so that visitors can find a more exact one right away. In the options of the plugin you are going to find 4 listing tabs: basic and advanced marker listings, listing in a carousel view or move your marker list inside the Google Map window.

Map Skins

By default the plugin comes with a simple and recognizable Google Maps skin, yet it includes 6 more additional skins to select from. Plus, each skin can be customized or you can add your custom one. The skin or as the plugin names them “themes” can be adjusted using color gamma, hue, lightness of the map, saturation, visibility and more. Whether you need to display a night-map, weather condition, the world’s hottest and coldest peaks or showcase other map and road skins.


Google Maps WD allows to find directions. Whether you want to find a road on a simple map direction – use one of 4 solutions for directions for walking, transit, driving and biking. The map with advanced options for indicating the road points will help to discover all the details and receive directions on the map easily.

Road Layers

It is worth to mention that there is no need to insert a key on the Google API, since Google Maps WD is based on API Version 3.0 and higher. Besides that the plugin includes support for localization and Google Maps Street View. Export/Import your markers to a CSV file for quick editing and transferring from one site to another.

More details and full front and back-page demos of this plugin are available on Google Maps WD Demo page. Let me know in the comments below if you have some additional questions regarding this awesome tool.

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